Definition of restoration Pronunciation
1. The process of bringing an object back to its original state; the process of restoring something
The restoration of this painting will take years.
The restoration of this medieval church involved undoing all the Victorian modifications.
2. The return of a former monarchy or monarch to power, usually after having been forced to step down
The restoration of the House of Stuart took place a few years after the death of Cromwell.
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English - English - restoration Pronunciation
n. act of returning to a previous condition (in health); rehabilitation; reconstruction, reproduction
English - Spanish - restoration Pronunciation
s. restauración, remodelación, renovación, restablecimiento; reivindicación
English - French - restoration Pronunciation
n. restauration, reconstitution; rétablissement, réparation, réfection; rénovation
English - German - restoration Pronunciation
n. Wiedereinsetzung; Widereinsetzung; Rekonstruktion; Nachbildung
English - Italian - restoration Pronunciation
s. restaurazione, ristabilimento, reintegrazione; restituzione, resa; restauro; risanamento
English - Portuguese - restoration Pronunciation
s. restauração, renovação; reabilitação
English - Russian - restoration Pronunciation
с. восстановление, реконструкция, реставрация
English - Turkish - restoration Pronunciation
i. restorasyon, yenileme, iyileştirme, iade, geri verme, yeniden yapılanma, yeniden tahta geçme
English - Dutch - restoration Pronunciation
zn. restauratie(werk); herstel, herinvoering; teruggave
English - Greek - restoration Pronunciation
ουσ. παλινόρθωση, αποκατάσταση, επιστροφή
English - Chinese - restoration Pronunciation
(名) 恢复, 复位, 归还
English - Chinese - restoration Pronunciation
(名) 恢復, 重定, 歸還
English - Japanese - restoration Pronunciation
(名) 回帰; 返還; 回復; 修復; 復職; 復活; 復帰; 立ち直り; 再起
English - Korean - restoration Pronunciation
명. 이전상태로의 복귀; 회복, 건강회복; 재건

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fix: repair, mend, rectification, correction, amendment, amelioration, doctor