Definition of restriction Pronunciation
1. The act of keeping something within specified bounds (by force if necessary).
The restriction of the infection to a focal area.
2. An act of limiting or restricting (as by regulation).
3. A principle that limits the extent of something.
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English - English - restriction Pronunciation
n. limitation, state of being restricted; limit, something that restricts
n. restriction, limitation; stricture, constriction; constraint, reservation
English - Spanish - restriction Pronunciation
s. restricción, coartación, cohibición, limitación
English - French - restriction Pronunciation
n. restriction, réduction; limitation
English - German - restriction Pronunciation
n. Einschränkung, Einengung
English - Indonesian - restriction Pronunciation
n. batasan, pembatasan, restriksi, penahanan, pelarangan
English - Italian - restriction Pronunciation
s. restrizione, limitazione
English - Polish - restriction Pronunciation
n. ograniczenie, restrykcja, ścieśnienie, zwężenie
English - Portuguese - restriction Pronunciation
s. restrição, limite
English - Romanian - restriction Pronunciation
n. constrângere, restrângere, limitare, restricţie
English - Russian - restriction Pronunciation
с. ограничение
English - Turkish - restriction Pronunciation
i. kısıtlama, sınırlama, tahdit, yasak, kayıt
English - Ukrainian - restriction Pronunciation
n. обмеження, застереження, звуження, вузькість
French - English - restriction Pronunciation
(f) n. restriction, limitation; stricture, constriction; constraint, reservation
English - Dutch - restriction Pronunciation
zn. beperking; vermindering, inkrimping
English - Greek - restriction Pronunciation
ουσ. περιορισμός
French - Spanish - restriction Pronunciation
1. (général) restricción (f); limitación (f) 2. (liberté) restricción (f)
3. (accord) restricción (f); condición (f) 4. (sentiments) reserva (f)
5. (droit) limitación (f); restricción (f) 6. (réduction) recorte (m); corte (m); reducción (f)
French - German - restriction Pronunciation
n. beschränkung, einengung, restriktion, beeinträchtigung, repression, einschränkung, beschneidung
French - Italian - restriction Pronunciation
1. (général) restrizione (f); limitazione (f) 2. (liberté) restrizione (f)
3. (accord) riserva (f); restrizione (f); condizione (f); limitazione (f) 4. (sentiments) riserva (f)
5. (droit) limitazione (f); restrizione (f) 6. (réduction) riduzione (f); diminuzione (f); contrazione (f)
French - Portuguese - restriction Pronunciation
1. (général) restrição (f); limitação (f); limite (m) 2. (liberté) restrição (f)
3. (accord) condição (f); restrição (f) 4. (sentiments) reserva (f)
5. (droit) restrição (f); limitação (f) 6. (réduction) corte (m); redução (f); diminuição (f)
French - Russian - restriction Pronunciation
n. ограничение (f), сжатие (f), строгий: строгая критика (f)
French - Turkish - restriction Pronunciation
[la] sınırlama, kısıntı; kısma
French - Dutch - restriction Pronunciation
1. (général) beperking (f); begrenzing (f) 2. (liberté) beperking (f); restrictie (f)
3. (accord) voorbehoud (n); conditie (f); beperking (f) 4. (sentiments) gereserveerdheid (f); terughoudendheid (f)
5. (droit) beperking (f); belemmering (f) 6. (réduction) vermindering (f); inkrimping (f); bezuiniging (f)
English - Arabic - restriction Pronunciation
‏تحديد، قيد، حصر، قصر، تقييد‏
English - Chinese - restriction Pronunciation
(名) 限制; 约束
English - Chinese - restriction Pronunciation
(名) 限制; 約束
English - Hindi - restriction Pronunciation
n. संयम, बंधन, यंत्रण, सीमा
English - Japanese - restriction Pronunciation
(名) 制限; 制約; 拘束; 限定
English - Korean - restriction Pronunciation
명. 제한; 억제하는 것
English - Vietnamese - restriction Pronunciation
n. sự hạn chế

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Synonyms for restriction
1. condition: qualification, reservation
2. restraint: confinement, limitation, constraint, cramp, stricture, stint, circumscription