Definition of resurrectionist Pronunciation
1. One who sells cadavers to anatomists, surgeons, etc., especially by exhuming corpses from graves; a graverobber.
2. A believer in a future bodily resurrection.
3. One who resurrects an abandoned idea, practice, etc.; a revivalist.
4. One who sells repaired or reconditioned goods; a refurbisher.
5. A racehorse that (once or numerously) suddenly recovers its stamina midrace.
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English - Spanish - resurrectionist Pronunciation
s. resurreccionista (mf)
English - German - resurrectionist Pronunciation
Wiedererwecker, Leichenräuber
English - Indonesian - resurrectionist Pronunciation
n. sesuatu: seorang yg membangkit sesuatu yg terlampau
English - Portuguese - resurrectionist Pronunciation
s. ressurreicionista (mp)
English - Romanian - resurrectionist Pronunciation
n. hoţ de cadavre
English - Russian - resurrectionist Pronunciation
с. похититель трупов
English - Ukrainian - resurrectionist Pronunciation
n. викрадач трупів, мародер
English - Dutch - resurrectionist Pronunciation
zn. ontvoerder van lijken
English - Chinese - resurrectionist Pronunciation
(名) 盗尸贼; 掘尸的人
English - Chinese - resurrectionist Pronunciation
(名) 盜屍賊; 掘屍的人
English - Hindi - resurrectionist Pronunciation
n. पुनर्जीवित करनेवाला
English - Korean - resurrectionist Pronunciation
명. 시체 도굴자, 부활시키는 사람, 죽은 사람의 부활을 믿는 사람
English - Vietnamese - resurrectionist Pronunciation
n. người làm cho sống lại

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