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English English - Definition of retailing 
[retail] v. sell goods to final consumers, sell to end users; retell, repeat information
Spanish English To Spanish - retailing 
[retail] v. comercializar, comerciar al por menor, expender, menudear, revender, vender al detalle, vender al por menor; venderse al por menor, venderse al detalle
French English To French - retailing 
n. vente au détail
German English To German - retailing 
[retail] v. im Einzelhandel verkaufen; Tratsch verbreiten
Italian English To Italian - retailing 
[retail] v. vendere al dettaglio; riferire, riportare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - retailing 
[retail] v. vender a varejo; revender
Russian English To Russian - retailing 
[retail] г. продавать в розницу, распространять; пересказывать
Turkish English To Turkish - retailing 
[retail] f. perakende satmak, perakende satılmak, yaymak (söylenti), ayrıntılarıyla anlatmak, önüne gelene söylemek
Dutch English To Dutch - retailing 
[retail] ww. in het klein verkopen, slijten; omstandig verhalen; rondvertellen
Greek English To Greek - retailing 
[retail] ρήμ. μεταπουλώ, πωλώ λιανικώς
ChineseS English To ChineseS - retailing 
[retail] (动) 零售
ChineseT English To ChineseT - retailing 
[retail] (動) 零售
Japanese English To Japanese - retailing 
[retail] (動) 小売りする; 小売りされる; 受け売りする
Korean English To Korean - retailing 
[retail] 동. 소매하다; 다시 말하다
noun: the activities involved in selling commodities directly to consumers.


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