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English English - Definition of retarding 
[retard] v. decelerate, cause to slow down, delay, hinder
Spanish English To Spanish - retarding 
[retard] v. retardar, atrasar, dilatar, inhibir, retrasar
French English To French - retarding 
[retard] v. retarder; bloquer; décélérer, ralentir, réduire
German English To German - retarding 
[retard] v. verzögern; retardieren
Italian English To Italian - retarding 
[retard] v. ritardare, rallentare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - retarding 
[retard] v. atrasar, demorar
Russian English To Russian - retarding 
[retard] г. замедлять, задерживать, тормозить, отставать, запаздывать
Turkish English To Turkish - retarding 
[retard] f. geciktirmek, sürüncemede bırakmak, alıkoymak, frenlemek, hızını kesmek, yavaşlatmak, gelişimini önlemek
Dutch English To Dutch - retarding 
[retard] ww. vertragen, tegenhouden
Greek English To Greek - retarding 
[retard] ρήμ. επιβραδύνω
ChineseS English To ChineseS - retarding 
[retard] (动) 延迟, 阻止, 使减速; 减慢; 受到阻滞
ChineseT English To ChineseT - retarding 
[retard] (動) 延遲, 阻止, 使減速; 減慢; 受到阻滯
Japanese English To Japanese - retarding 
[retard] (動) 遅らせる; 妨害する; 成長を妨げる; 遅れる
Korean English To Korean - retarding 
[retard] 동. 속도를 줄이다, 늦어지다, 연기하다, 방해하다
noun: a person of subnormal intelligence
verb: be delayed
verb: cause to move more slowly or operate at a slower rate Example:This drug will retard your heart rate.
verb: slow the growth or development of Example:The brain damage will retard the child's language development.
verb: lose velocity; move more slowly


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