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English English - Definition of retention 
n. act of keeping possession; maintenance, act of holding; memory, capacity to remember
n. retention
Spanish English To Spanish - retention 
s. retención; memoria, retentiva
French English To French - retention 
n. emprisonnement; sous-surveillance
German English To German - retention 
n. Einbehalten; Erhaltung; Festhalten; Zurückbehalten; Beibehaltung
Italian English To Italian - retention 
s. mantenimento, conservazione; memoria, ritentiva; (Med) ritenzione
Portuguese English To Portuguese - retention 
s. retenção; conservação; memória
Russian English To Russian - retention 
с. удерживание, сохранение, способность запоминания, память, задержка
Turkish English To Turkish - retention 
i. tutma, alıkoyma, kaybetmeme, koruma, çişini tutma, akılda tutma, hafıza, bellek, durdurma
Albanian English To Albanian - retention 
n. mbajtje, ruajtje
Dutch English To Dutch - retention 
zn. tegenhouden
Greek English To Greek - retention 
ουσ. μνημονικό, κράτηση
ChineseS English To ChineseS - retention 
(名) 保留; 记忆力; 保持; 闭尿
ChineseT English To ChineseT - retention 
(名) 保留; 記憶力; 保持; 閉尿
Japanese English To Japanese - retention 
(名) 保持; 保留; 持久力; 記憶力
Korean English To Korean - retention 
명. 유치, 보유; 유지; 기억, 기억력
noun: the act of keeping in your possession
noun: the power of retaining and recalling past experience
noun: the power of retaining liquid


 Synonyms for retention
1. memory: recall, retaining, recognition, comprehension, understanding
2. holding: hold, detention, charge, safekeeping, captivity, withholding

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