Definition of retention Pronunciation
1. The act of retaining or something retained
2. The act or power of remembering things
3. A memory; what is retained in the mind
4. The involuntary withholding of urine and faeces
5. That which contains something, as a tablet; a means of preserving impressions.
6. The act of withholding; restraint; reserve.
7. A place of custody or confinement.
8. The right to withhold a debt, or of retaining property until a debt due to the person claiming the right is duly paid; a lien.
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English - English - retention Pronunciation
n. act of keeping possession; maintenance, act of holding; memory, capacity to remember
n. retention
English - Spanish - retention Pronunciation
s. retención; memoria, retentiva
English - French - retention Pronunciation
n. emprisonnement; sous-surveillance
English - German - retention Pronunciation
n. Einbehalten; Erhaltung; Festhalten; Zurückbehalten; Beibehaltung
English - Indonesian - retention Pronunciation
n. penyimpanan, daya ingatan, ingatan
English - Italian - retention Pronunciation
s. mantenimento, conservazione; memoria, ritentiva; (Med) ritenzione
English - Polish - retention Pronunciation
n. zatrzymywanie, wstrzymywanie {med.}, zdolność zapamiętywania, retencja
English - Portuguese - retention Pronunciation
s. retenção; conservação; memória
English - Romanian - retention Pronunciation
n. retenţie {med.}, reţinere, fixare, memorie, detenţiune, oprire {jur.}, rezervă
English - Russian - retention Pronunciation
с. удерживание, сохранение, способность запоминания, память, задержка
English - Turkish - retention Pronunciation
i. tutma, alıkoyma, kaybetmeme, koruma, çişini tutma, akılda tutma, hafıza, bellek, durdurma
English - Ukrainian - retention Pronunciation
n. утримування, запам'ятовувати: здатність запам'ятовувати, затримка
English - Dutch - retention Pronunciation
zn. tegenhouden
English - Greek - retention Pronunciation
ουσ. μνημονικό, κράτηση
English - Arabic - retention Pronunciation
‏إحتفاظ، إستبقاء، ذاكرة، الاحتباس، حجز، القدرة على الاحتفاظ، إحتجاز، ذاكرة قوية‏
English - Chinese - retention Pronunciation
(名) 保留; 记忆力; 保持; 闭尿
English - Chinese - retention Pronunciation
(名) 保留; 記憶力; 保持; 閉尿
English - Hindi - retention Pronunciation
n. धारन करना, धारन करने की शक्ति, धारणा शक्ति, अवधारण, स्मृति
English - Japanese - retention Pronunciation
(名) 保持; 保留; 持久力; 記憶力
English - Korean - retention Pronunciation
명. 유치, 보유; 유지; 기억, 기억력
English - Vietnamese - retention Pronunciation
n. sự bí tiểu, sự duy trì tập quán, sự nhớ, sự giử lại, sự tự chế

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