Definition of retinue Pronunciation
1. A group of servants or attendants, especially of someone considered important.
The queen’s retinues
2. A service relationship.
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English - English - retinue Pronunciation
n. group of escorts, entourage, suite, group of attendants
English - Spanish - retinue Pronunciation
s. séquito, acompañamiento, comitiva, comparsa
English - French - retinue Pronunciation
n. cortège
English - German - retinue Pronunciation
n. Gefolge, Begleiter
English - Indonesian - retinue Pronunciation
n. rombongan, pengiring perginya orang besar
English - Italian - retinue Pronunciation
s. seguito, scorta
English - Polish - retinue Pronunciation
n. świta, poczet, osoby towarzyszące, czeladź
English - Portuguese - retinue Pronunciation
s. acompanhantes; seguidores
English - Romanian - retinue Pronunciation
n. cortegiu, escortă, alai, suită
English - Russian - retinue Pronunciation
с. свита
English - Turkish - retinue Pronunciation
i. beraberindekiler, eşlik edenler, maiyet
English - Ukrainian - retinue Pronunciation
n. почет, кортеж
English - Dutch - retinue Pronunciation
zn. gevolg, hofstoet
English - Greek - retinue Pronunciation
ουσ. ακολουθία
English - Arabic - retinue Pronunciation
‏حاشية الملك، بطانة الملك‏
English - Chinese - retinue Pronunciation
(名) 随行人员, 扈从
English - Chinese - retinue Pronunciation
(名) 隨行人員, 扈從
English - Hindi - retinue Pronunciation
n. परिचारक वर्ग, अनुचरवर्ग, नौकर-चाकर, सेवकवृंद
English - Japanese - retinue Pronunciation
(名) 随行員
English - Korean - retinue Pronunciation
명. 시종, 특히 왕후 등의 시종, 특히 귀인 등의 시종
English - Vietnamese - retinue Pronunciation
n. đoàn tùy tùng

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Synonyms for retinue
assemblage: group, corps, circle, band, body, gang, company