Definition of retribution Pronunciation
1. Punishment inflicted in the spirit of moral outrage or personal vengeance.
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English - English - retribution Pronunciation
n. revenge, retaliation, vengeance; reciprocation, requital, repayment in kind; allocation of rewards and punishment in a future life (Theology)
n. consideration, thoughtfulness, respectfulness
English - Spanish - retribution Pronunciation
s. retribución; recompensa; desquite; pena merecida, castigo merecido
English - French - retribution Pronunciation
n. châtiment, vengeance; jugement
English - German - retribution Pronunciation
n. Strafe; Entgelt
English - Italian - retribution Pronunciation
s. punizione, castigo, pena; ricompensa, retribuzione, premio; (Teol) giustizia divina
English - Portuguese - retribution Pronunciation
s. vingança, forra, retaliação
English - Russian - retribution Pronunciation
с. возмездие, кара, воздаяние
English - Turkish - retribution Pronunciation
i. ceza, intikam, öç, misilleme
English - Dutch - retribution Pronunciation
zn. straf, wraak; beloning, vergoeding
English - Greek - retribution Pronunciation
ουσ. τιμωρία
English - Chinese - retribution Pronunciation
(名) 报酬, 报答, 惩罚
English - Chinese - retribution Pronunciation
(名) 報酬, 報答, 懲罰
English - Japanese - retribution Pronunciation
(名) 報い, 復讐; 見返り; 因果応報, 行いの善悪の報いが来世にあるということ(神学)
English - Korean - retribution Pronunciation
명. 보복, 복수; 앙갚음; 인과 응보 (신학)
German - Chinese - retribution Pronunciation
[die] 报复。复仇。惩罚。归还。偿还。

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Synonyms for retribution
desert: penalty, chastisement