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English English - Definition of retry 
v. hold a new trial; reattempt, try again
Spanish English To Spanish - retry 
v. intentar de nuevo, reintentar; volver a juzgar, volver a procesar; volver a examinar
French English To French - retry 
v. juger à nouveau; réessayer
German English To German - retry 
v. von neuem verhören (Person) od. verhandeln (Fall, Gesetz)
Italian English To Italian - retry 
v. (Dir) sottoporre a nuovo processo, processare di nuovo
Portuguese English To Portuguese - retry 
v. fazer um novo julgamento; tentar de novo
Russian English To Russian - retry 
г. снова пробовать, снова разбирать
Turkish English To Turkish - retry 
f. yeniden yargılamak
Albanian English To Albanian - retry 
v. rigjykoj, gjykoj përsëri
Dutch English To Dutch - retry 
ww. opnieuw proberen; een nieuwe rechtspraak beginnen
Greek English To Greek - retry 
ρήμ. δοκιμάζω πάλι
ChineseS English To ChineseS - retry 
(动) 再审; 再试
ChineseT English To ChineseT - retry 
(動) 再審; 再試
Japanese English To Japanese - retry 
(動) 再試行する
Korean English To Korean - retry 
동. 다시 해 보다, 재심하다
verb: hear or try a court case anew


Tenses for retry
Present participle: retrying
Present: retry (3.person: retries)
Past: retried
Future: will retry
Present conditional: would retry
Present Perfect: have retried (3.person: has retried)
Past Perfect: had retried
Future Perfect: will have retried
Past conditional: would have retried

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