Definition of reverence Pronunciation
1. Veneration; profound awe and respect, normally in a sacred context.
2. An act of showing respect, such as a bow.
3. The state of being revered.
4. A form of address for some members of the clergy.
Your reverence
5. That which deserves or exacts manifestations of reverence; reverend character; dignity; state.
6. To show reverence.
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English - English - reverence Pronunciation
n. veneration, sense of deep respect; gesture of honor, tribute
v. venerate, respect deeply, honor
n. bow, reverence, obeisance, curtsy
English - Spanish - reverence Pronunciation
s. reverencia, adoración, profundo respeto, veneración; inclinación, inclinación de cabeza
v. rendir honor, reverenciar
English - French - reverence Pronunciation
n. admiration; décoration; révérence, courbette
v. révérer
English - German - reverence Pronunciation
n. Ehrerbietung, hohe Achtung; Ehrwürden
v. Ehrfurcht, Verehrung; Verbeugung
English - Indonesian - reverence Pronunciation
n. penghormatan, rasa hormat, takzim, terhormat: yg terhormat
v. menghormati, mentakzimkan, memuja
English - Italian - reverence Pronunciation
s. riverenza, profondo rispetto; venerazione; inchino; l'essere riverito
v. riverire, rispettare profondamente; venerare
English - Polish - reverence Pronunciation
n. cześć, pietyzm
English - Portuguese - reverence Pronunciation
s. reverência; sinal de honra; inclinação da cabeça para baixo; admiração
v. reverenciar, honrar
English - Romanian - reverence Pronunciation
n. veneraţie, adoraţie, admiraţie, onoare, respect, sfinţie, reverenţă, plecăciune
v. admira, stima
English - Russian - reverence Pronunciation
с. почтение, почтительность, благоговение; поклон, реверанс
г. уважать, почитать
English - Turkish - reverence Pronunciation
i. reverans, saygı ile eğilme, derin saygı, hürmet, hayranlık
English - Ukrainian - reverence Pronunciation
n. повага: глибока повага, благоговіння
v. поважати: глибоко поважати, благоговіти
English - Dutch - reverence Pronunciation
zn. respect, diepe eerbied
ww. eerbiedigen, vereren
English - Greek - reverence Pronunciation
ουσ. σέβας, ευλάβεια, σεβασμιότητα
English - Arabic - reverence Pronunciation
‏توقير، تبجيل، إحترام، إنحناءة احترام، مهابة‏
English - Chinese - reverence Pronunciation
(名) 尊敬, 敬礼, 敬重
(动) 崇敬, 尊敬, 敬畏
English - Chinese - reverence Pronunciation
(名) 尊敬, 敬禮, 敬重
(動) 崇敬, 尊敬, 敬畏
English - Hindi - reverence Pronunciation
n. इज़्ज़त, आदर, सम्मान, पूजा, भक्ति, सत्कार, श्रद्धा
English - Japanese - reverence Pronunciation
(名) 崇敬; 敬礼; 威徳; 尊師
(動) 崇敬する
English - Korean - reverence Pronunciation
명. 숭배, 외경, 존경; 공손한 태도, 존경함에 대한 자세
동. 존경하다
English - Vietnamese - reverence Pronunciation
n. lòng tôn kính, sự sùng bái, lòng tôn sùng, sự sùng kính

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Synonyms for reverence
1. respect: fear, veneration, awe, esteem, worship, admiration, homage
2. obeisance: bow, curtsy, genuflection
3. revere: adulate, honour, adore, venerate
Verb forms for reverence
Present participle: reverencing
Present: reverence (3.person: reverences)
Past: reverenced
Future: will reverence
Present conditional: would reverence
Present Perfect: have reverenced (3.person: has reverenced)
Past Perfect: had reverenced
Future Perfect: will have reverenced
Past conditional: would have reverenced