n. one who attempts to overthrow a government or authority, one who takes part in a revolution
adj. pertaining to a revolution; radically new or different, innovative
English - Spanish - revolutionary Pronunciation
s. insurrecto
adj. revolucionario, subversivo
English - French - revolutionary Pronunciation
adj. révolutionnaire
English - German - revolutionary Pronunciation
n. Revolutionär
adj. revolutionär
English - Italian - revolutionary Pronunciation
agg. rivoluzionario
English - Portuguese - revolutionary Pronunciation
adj. revolucionário
English - Russian - revolutionary Pronunciation
с. революционер
прил. революционный, вращающийся, поворачивающийся
English - Turkish - revolutionary Pronunciation
i. devrimci, inkılâpçı
s. devrimci, devrim, devrimlerle ilgili
English - Albanian - revolutionary Pronunciation
adj. revolucionar, kthesë: që shkakton kthesë rrënjësore
English - Dutch - revolutionary Pronunciation
bn. revolutionair
English - Greek - revolutionary Pronunciation
επίθ. επαναστατικός
English - Chinese - revolutionary Pronunciation
(名) 革命者, 改革者
(形) 革命的, 革命性的
English - Chinese - revolutionary Pronunciation
(名) 革命者, 改革者
(形) 革命的, 革命性的
English - Japanese - revolutionary Pronunciation
(形) 革命の; 画期的な; 回転の
(名) 革命論者
English - Korean - revolutionary Pronunciation
명. 혁명적인, 개혁적인
형. 혁명의; 급진적으로 개혁하는
noun: a radical supporter of political or social revolution
adjective: markedly new or introducing radical change Example:A revolutionary discovery.
adjective: advocating or engaged in revolution Example:Revolutionary pamphlets.
adjective: relating to or having the nature of a revolution Example:Revolutionary wars.

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Synonyms for revolutionary
holder of extreme views: radical, fanatic, zealot, die-hard, extremist, agitator