n. poetaster, one who makes rhymes, writer of inferior poetry
English - Spanish - rhymester Pronunciation
s. rimador
English - French - rhymester Pronunciation
n. rimeur; rimailleur
English - German - rhymester Pronunciation
n. Verseschmied, Dichter
English - Italian - rhymester Pronunciation
s. (spreg) rimatore, (spreg) verseggiatore
English - Portuguese - rhymester Pronunciation
s. rima, verso
English - Russian - rhymester Pronunciation
с. рифмоплет
English - Turkish - rhymester Pronunciation
i. şair bozuntusu, acemi şair
English - Albanian - rhymester Pronunciation
n. vargëzues
English - Dutch - rhymester Pronunciation
zn. rijmer, rijmelaar
English - Greek - rhymester Pronunciation
ουσ. στιχοπλόκος
English - Chinese - rhymester Pronunciation
(名) 作诗者, 打油诗人
English - Chinese - rhymester Pronunciation
(名) 作詩者, 打油詩人
English - Japanese - rhymester Pronunciation
(名) へぼ詩人
English - Korean - rhymester Pronunciation
명. 엉터리 시인
noun: a writer who composes rhymes; a maker of poor verses (usually used as terms of contempt for minor or inferior poets)
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