Definition of ridicule Pronunciation
1. To criticize or disapprove of someone or something through scornful jocularity; to make fun of
His older sibling constantly ridiculed him with sarcastic remarks.
2. Derision; mocking or humiliating words or behaviour
3. An object of sport or laughter; a laughing stock.
4. The quality of being ridiculous; ridiculousness.
5. Ridiculous
This action ... became so ridicule. — Aubrey.
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English - English - ridicule Pronunciation
n. mockery, derision, scorn
v. scorn, mock, deride, tease
adj. ridiculous, ludicrous, laughable; farcical, preposterous; absurd, silly, foolish
English - Spanish - ridicule Pronunciation
s. ridículo, burla, escarnio, irrisión, mofa, ridiculez
v. ridiculizar, befar, escarnecer, hacer mofa de, ironizar, poner en ridículo, zaherir
English - French - ridicule Pronunciation
n. ridicule; dérision
v. se moquer, ridiculiser
English - German - ridicule Pronunciation
n. Spott; Gespött; Verhöhnung
v. verhöhnen; lächerlich machen, verspotten
English - Italian - ridicule Pronunciation
s. ridicolo, derisione, scherno
v. mettere in ridicolo, schernire, canzonare, dileggiare
English - Portuguese - ridicule Pronunciation
s. ridículo; zombaria; extravagância
v. ridicularizar
English - Russian - ridicule Pronunciation
с. осмеяние, насмешка, смехотворность
г. осмеивать, поднимать на смех
English - Turkish - ridicule Pronunciation
f. alay etmek, dalga geçmek, alay konusu yapmak, alaya almak
i. alay, dalga geçme
French - English - ridicule Pronunciation
adj. ridiculous, ludicrous, laughable; farcical, preposterous; absurd, silly, foolish
English - Dutch - ridicule Pronunciation
zn. spot, bespotting
ww. ridiculiseren, bespotten
English - Greek - ridicule Pronunciation
ουσ. περιγελώς, γελοιοποίηση, ρεζίλεμα, ρεζίλι
ρήμ. κοροϊδεύω, περιγελώ
French - Spanish - ridicule Pronunciation
1. (apparence) ridículo; absurdo; grotesco
2. (absurde) absurdo; ridículo; disparatado; insensato; tonto; descabellado
3. (général) ridículo (m)
French - German - ridicule Pronunciation
n. lächerlichkeit, lachhaftigkeit, gespött
adj. lächerlich, lachhaft, läppisch, albern, affig, lachend
French - Italian - ridicule Pronunciation
1. (apparence) ridicolo; comico; grottesco
2. (absurde) assurdo; ridicolo; stupido; insensato; senza senso; pazzo
3. (général) ridicolo (m)
French - Portuguese - ridicule Pronunciation
1. (apparence) ridículo; lúdrico; risível; grotesco
2. (absurde) absurdo; ridículo; insensato; estúpido; louco; risível
3. (général) ridículo (m)
French - Russian - ridicule Pronunciation
a. смешной, смехотворный, комичный, абсурдный
French - Turkish - ridicule Pronunciation
French - Dutch - ridicule Pronunciation
1. (apparence) belachelijk; bespottelijk; potsierlijk
2. (absurde) absurd; ridicuul; dwaas; onzinnig; belachelijk; bespottelijk
3. (général) spot (m); belachelijkheid (f); idiootheid (f)
English - Chinese - ridicule Pronunciation
(名) 嘲笑, 笑柄, 愚弄
(动) 嘲笑, 愚弄, 嘲弄
English - Chinese - ridicule Pronunciation
(名) 嘲笑, 笑柄, 愚弄
(動) 嘲笑, 愚弄, 嘲弄
English - Japanese - ridicule Pronunciation
(動) 嘲る
(名) 嘲り
English - Korean - ridicule Pronunciation
명. 조소, 조롱, 비난
동. 비웃다, 조롱하다, 괴롭히다

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Synonyms for ridicule
1. deride: disparage, taunt, mock, chaff, make fun of, scoff at, sneer at
2. derision: mockery, raillery, sneer, sarcasm
Verb forms for ridicule
Present participle: ridiculing
Present: ridicule (3.person: ridicules)
Past: ridiculed
Future: will ridicule
Present conditional: would ridicule
Present Perfect: have ridiculed (3.person: has ridiculed)
Past Perfect: had ridiculed
Future Perfect: will have ridiculed
Past conditional: would have ridiculed