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English English - Definition of rig out 
Spanish English To Spanish - rig out 
v. proveer, ataviarse, eguipar
French English To French - rig out 
German English To German - rig out 
v. ausstaffieren, auftakeln
Italian English To Italian - rig out 
attrezzare, abbigliare, agghindare, vestire
Russian English To Russian - rig out 
снаряжать, наряжать, экипировать, одежда, экипировка
Turkish English To Turkish - rig out 
donatmak, giydirmek
Albanian English To Albanian - rig out 
v. vishem me, pajis
Dutch English To Dutch - rig out 
ww. toetakelen, opschikken
Greek English To Greek - rig out 
ChineseS English To ChineseS - rig out 
v. 装配 (zhuang1 peı4), 服装 (fu2 zhuang1)
ChineseT English To ChineseT - rig out 
v. 裝配 (zhuang1 peı4), 服裝 (fu2 zhuang1)
Korean English To Korean - rig out 
차려 입게 하다
verb: put on special clothes to appear particularly appealing and attractive


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