Definition of rima
1. A cleft or gap between two symmetrical parts, particularly between the vocal folds.
2. A crack or fissure on a lunar or planetary surface; a rille.
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Spanish - English - rima Pronunciation
n. rhym e, rime
French - English - rima Pronunciation
n. Rima, female first name
Italian - English - rima Pronunciation
n. rhyme, rime, poetry, rhymed verses
Portuguese - English - rima Pronunciation
n. clink, catchword, headword, pile, rhvme
Romanian - English - rima
v. rhyme, root
Spanish - French - rima Pronunciation
(poesía) rime (f)
Spanish - German - rima Pronunciation
n. reim
Spanish - Russian - rima Pronunciation
n. рифма
Italian - French - rima Pronunciation
(poesia) rime (f)
Italian - German - rima Pronunciation
n. reim
Portuguese - French - rima Pronunciation
(poesia) rime (f)
Spanish - Korean - rima Pronunciation
n. 운

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Synonyms for rima
1. asonancia: concordancia
2. verso: poesía, poema, composición, balada, oda, cantiga