Definition of robustness Pronunciation
1. The property of being strong and healthy in constitution.
2. The characteristic of being strong enough to withstand intellectual challenge.
The lack of robustness in the findings may be due to the small size of the sample.
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English - English - robustness Pronunciation
n. strength, power; stoutness, soundness
English - Spanish - robustness Pronunciation
s. robustez, fuerza
English - French - robustness Pronunciation
n. robustesse, vigueur, solidité; puissance, force; santé; énergie
English - German - robustness Pronunciation
n. Robustheit
English - Indonesian - robustness Pronunciation
n. kesehatan, kesegaran, akal sehat, kesulitan, kesukaran, kekasaran
English - Italian - robustness Pronunciation
s. robustezza, forza, gagliardia
English - Polish - robustness Pronunciation
n. krzepkość
English - Portuguese - robustness Pronunciation
s. robustez; força, vigor
English - Romanian - robustness Pronunciation
n. robusteţe
English - Russian - robustness Pronunciation
English - Turkish - robustness Pronunciation
i. dinçlik, sağlamlık, kuvvet
English - Ukrainian - robustness Pronunciation
n. здоров'я
English - Dutch - robustness Pronunciation
zn. flinkheid; gezondheid
English - Greek - robustness Pronunciation
ουσ. ευρωστία, δύναμη
English - Chinese - robustness Pronunciation
(名) 强壮; 坚实; 强健
English - Chinese - robustness Pronunciation
(名) 強壯; 堅實; 強健
English - Japanese - robustness Pronunciation
(名) たくましさ, 強壮
English - Korean - robustness Pronunciation
명. 힘; 건장함, 늠름함, 튼튼함

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