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English English - Definition of root 
n. part of a plant growing underground which anchors the plant and absorbs water and nutrients; part which anchors; source, origin; base, fundamental part; number that multiplied by itself yields a given number (Mathematics)
v. plant, cause to develop roots; dig in the ground with the snout; fix in place, spellbind; cheer, encourage
n. retting, dice
Spanish English To Spanish - root 
s. raíz, cepejón; corazón, mera raíz
v. arraigar, enraizar
French English To French - root 
n. racine, source; base, fondement
v. s'enraciner, planter
German English To German - root 
n. Grund; Wurzel; Basis; Fundament
v. verwurzeln; fest einpflanzen; anwachsen (Pflanze)
Italian English To Italian - root 
s. (Bot) radice; origine, principio, causa; (fig) fondo, essenza, centro, nocciolo; ceppo, capostipite; radicale, base radicale
v. piantare; abbarbicare; (fig) inchiodare; (fig) originare, dare origine a, produrre, causare; sradicare, estirpare, svellere
Portuguese English To Portuguese - root 
s. raiz; origem; base, fundamento
v. arraigar, enraizar, fixar; escavar, fuçar
Russian English To Russian - root 
с. корень, корнеплод, саженец, корнеплоды; основа, основание, причина, источник; предок, основатель рода, прародитель
г. пустить корни; приковывать; подрывать корни, рыть землю рылом, поощрять, ободрять
Turkish English To Turkish - root 
f. kök salmak, kökleşmek, yerleşmek, kökleştirmek, çakmak, eşelemek, burnu ile eşelemek, deşmek, araştırmak
i. kök, köken, kaynak, temel, esas neden, altında yatan neden, akortta temel nota
English Dutch To English - root 
n. retting, dice
Albanian English To Albanian - root 
n. burim, rrënjë, zanafillë, shkak
v. gozhdoj, rrënjos
adj. rrënjësor
Dutch English To Dutch - root 
zn. wortel; oorsprong
ww. wortel schieten; geworteld zijn; wroeten, woelen; te voorschijn halen, opscharrelen
Greek English To Greek - root 
ουσ. ρίζα
ρήμ. ριζώ, ριζούμαι, επευφημώ, ριζώνω
ChineseS English To ChineseS - root 
(名) 根; 根菜类; 地下茎; 根部
(动) 生根; 根源在于, 来源于; 固定; 使生根; 使固定; 使扎根; 根除; 用鼻拱翻; 搜寻; 用鼻拱土; 搜寻; 翻找; 打气; 声援; 喝彩
ChineseT English To ChineseT - root 
(名) 根; 根菜類; 地下莖; 根部
(動) 生根; 根源在於, 來源於; 固定; 使生根; 使固定; 使紮根; 根除; 用鼻拱翻; 搜尋; 用鼻拱土; 搜尋; 翻找; 打氣; 聲援; 喝彩
Japanese English To Japanese - root 
(動) 根付かせる; 定着させる; 鼻先で掘り返す; 声援を送る
(名) 根; 地下茎; 根元; 原因; 根源
Korean English To Korean - root 
명. 뿌리; 조상; 원천; 근거, 본질; 수학에서 루트, 근
동. 뿌리를 내리다; 코로 땅을 헤집다; 고착시키다; 힘을 북돋아주다
noun: the part of a tooth that is embedded in the jaw and serves as support
noun: (linguistics) the form of a word after all affixes are removed
noun: (botany) the usually underground organ that lacks buds or leaves or nodes; absorbs water and mineral salts; usually it anchors the plant to the ground
noun: a number that when multiplied by itself some number of times equals a given number
noun: a simple form inferred as the common basis from which related words in several languages can be der


 Synonyms for root
1. foundation: basis, footing, base, cause, motive, grounds, reason
2. underground plant growth: root-stock, tuber, bulb, rootlet
Tenses for root
Present participle: rooting
Present: root (3.person: roots)
Past: rooted
Future: will root
Present conditional: would root
Present Perfect: have rooted (3.person: has rooted)
Past Perfect: had rooted
Future Perfect: will have rooted
Past conditional: would have rooted

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