Definition of ropeway Pronunciation
1. A system of cables, slung from towers, from which carriers are suspended to transport materials.
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English - Spanish - ropeway Pronunciation
teleférico, funicular aéreo, andarivel
English - French - ropeway Pronunciation
English - German - ropeway Pronunciation
Drahtseilbahn, Seilbahn, Gondelbahn, Reeperbahn (veraltet) [Norddt.], Schwebebahn
English - Italian - ropeway Pronunciation
s. funivia, teleferica
English - Polish - ropeway Pronunciation
n. kolejka linowa
English - Russian - ropeway Pronunciation
с. канатная дорога
English - Turkish - ropeway Pronunciation
i. teleferik, asma hat
English - Dutch - ropeway Pronunciation
zn. hangspoor, luchtkabelspoorweg
English - Chinese - ropeway Pronunciation
n. 空中缆索 (kong1 zhong1 lan3 suo3), 索道 (suo3 dao4)
English - Chinese - ropeway Pronunciation
n. 空中纜索 (kong1 zhong1 lan3 suo3), 索道 (suo3 dao4)
English - Hindi - ropeway Pronunciation
n. रस्से का मर्ग
English - Japanese - ropeway Pronunciation
(名) 索道, ロープウエイ
English - Korean - ropeway Pronunciation
명. 삭도, 화물운송용의 삭도

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