Definitions and translations for "rust"

Definition of rust

1. The deteriorated state of iron or steel as a result of moisture and oxidation.
The rust on my bicycle chain made cycling to work very dangerous.
2. A similar substance based on another metal (usually with qualification, such as "copper rust").
Aerugo. Green or blue-green copper rust; verdigris. (American Heritage Dictionary, 1973)
3. A reddish-brown color.
Rust color:
4. A disease of plants caused by a reddish-brown fungus.
5. To oxidize, especially of iron or steel.
The patio furniture had rusted in the wind-driven spray.
6. To cause to oxidize.
The wind-driven spray had thoroughly rusted the patio furniture.
7. To be affected with the parasitic fungus called rust.
8. To degenerate in idleness; to become dull or impaired by inaction.
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English - English - rust

n. flaky orange coating which forms on metal due to the oxidation of iron; fungal disease of plants characterized by reddish or brown spots on the leaves and stem (Botany)
v. become corroded due to the oxidation of iron, become rusty
v. prepare, make ready, get oneself ready; arm, equip with weapons, armor, cover with armor

English - Spanish - rust

s. sarro, corrosión, herrín, herrumbre, óxido; roya, añublo, tizón
v. oxidar, aherrumbrar, enmohecer, herrumbrarse, aherrumbrarse, enmohecerse

English - French - rust

n. rouille, oxyde de fer rouge qui recouvre le fer non protégé et exposé à l'humidité; maladie des céréales et des plantes causée par un champignon parasite (Botanique)
v. se rouiller; s'engourdir

English - German - rust

n. Rost; Brand
v. rosten; (ver-, zus.-) rosten

English - Indonesian - rust

n. karat, tahi besi, warna kuning tua, warna coklat, warna merah coklat
v. berkarat: membuat berkarat, berkarat, terpelihara: tdk terpelihara

English - Italian - rust

s. ruggine; color ruggine; (fig) inazione, inattività, inoperosità; negligenza, trascuratezza, incuria
v. arrugginire, arrugginirsi, ricoprirsi di ruggine; diventare color ruggine; (Agr) essere attaccato dalla ruggine

English - Polish - rust

n. rdza na żelazie
v. rdzewieć, pordzewieć

English - Portuguese - rust

s. ferrugem, mofo; bolor (doença de plantas)
v. enferrujar, mofar, enferrujar-se

English - Romanian - rust

n. rugină, rugina grâului {bot.}, murdărie
v. rugini, prosti: se prosti, rugini: se rugini, oxida, oxida: se oxida

English - Russian - rust

с. ржавчина
г. ржаветь, притупляться, слабеть, портиться

English - Turkish - rust

f. paslanmak, pas lekesi olmak, hamlamak, körelmek, el becerisini yitirmek, paslandırmak, köreltmek, hamlatmak
i. pas, paslanma, pas rengi, ekin pası, hamlama, körelme

English - Ukrainian - rust

n. іржа, пам'ять: ослаблення пам'яті, ржа
v. іржавіти, корозія: піддавати корозії, притупляти, заіржавіти, заржавіти

Dutch - English - rust

interj. At Ease!

English - Dutch - rust

zn. roest; plantenziekte
ww. roesten

English - Greek - rust

ουσ. σκωρία, σκουρία
ρήμ. σκουριάζω

Dutch - French - rust

1. (algemeen) arrêt (m) 2. (gezondheid) repos (m) 3. (geestestoestand) repos (m)
4. (activiteit) tranquillité (f); calme (m); quiétude (f) 5. (geluid) silence (m); calme (m)
6. (sport) mi-temps (f) 7. (kalmte) calme (m); quiétude (f); sérénité (f)

English - Arabic - rust

‏صدأ، صدأ الحبوب‏
‏صدأ، أصاب بصدأ الحبوب، جعله بلون الصدأ‏
‏خمري اللون‏

English - Chinese - rust

(名) 锈, 生锈
(动) 生锈, 衰退; 使生锈; 使荒废; 使变迟钝

English - Chinese - rust

(名) 鏽, 生鏽
(動) 生鏽, 衰退; 使生鏽; 使荒廢; 使變遲鈍

English - Hindi - rust

n. मोरचा, मोर्चा, मुर्चा, ज़ंग, रतुआ, अस्वस्थ दशा
v. मोरचा खा जाना, ज़ंग लगाना, मुर्चा लगना

English - Japanese - rust

(動) さびる; 鈍る
(名) さび; さび色; さび病

English - Korean - rust

명. 녹; 녹병균(식물학)
동. 녹슬다, 무디어 지다

English - Vietnamese - rust

n. sét, rỉ sét, một thứ bịnh của lúa
v. sét, rỉ sét, làm cho sét, làm cho sét rỉ
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Synonyms for rust
1. oxidation: corrosion, tarnish, incrustation
2. colour: reddish-brown, russet, brown, reddish, red, brownish-red
3. corrode: oxidise, oxidize, degenerate, tarnish, decompose, decay, erode
Verb forms for rust
Present participle: rusting
Present: rust (3.person: rusts)
Past: rusted
Future: will rust
Present conditional: would rust
Present Perfect: have rusted (3.person: has rusted)
Past Perfect: had rusted
Future Perfect: will have rusted
Past conditional: would have rusted