Definition of sabadilla Pronunciation
1. A Mexican and Central American plant of the lily family (Schoenocaulon officinale).
2. The seeds of this plant, used in medicine and insecticides.
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English - English - sabadilla Pronunciation
n. variety of lily native to Mexico
n. sabadilla, variety of lily native to Mexico
English - Spanish - sabadilla Pronunciation
s. Especie de planta
English - French - sabadilla Pronunciation
n. sabadilla, variété de plante originaire du Mexique
English - German - sabadilla Pronunciation
n. Sabadill (Liliengewächs in Mexiko)
English - Italian - sabadilla Pronunciation
s. sabadiglia, pianta bulbosa con fiori gialli originaria del Messico (bot.)
English - Portuguese - sabadilla Pronunciation
s. tipo de planta
French - English - sabadilla Pronunciation
(m) n. sabadilla, variety of lily native to Mexico
English - Dutch - sabadilla Pronunciation
zn. sabadilkruid (soort plant)
English - Chinese - sabadilla Pronunciation
(名) 沙巴藜芦
English - Chinese - sabadilla Pronunciation
(名) 沙巴藜蘆
English - Japanese - sabadilla Pronunciation
(名) サバジラ, メキシコ産のユリの一種

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