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English English - Definition of sachet 
n. small pouch filled with fragrant material (usually placed in closets or drawers)
n. sachet, small bag
n. sachet, small pouch filled with fragrant material (usually placed in closets or drawers)
Spanish English To Spanish - sachet 
s. almohadilla perfumada, perfumador; papelillo
French English To French - sachet 
n. sachet; sachet parfumé ( à mettre dans les habits pour obtenir une bonne odeur); poudre parfumée
German English To German - sachet 
n. parfümiertes Kissen (zum parfümieren von Kleidern); Parfümpulver
Italian English To Italian - sachet 
s. sacchetto profumato
Portuguese English To Portuguese - sachet 
s. sachê, saquinho perfumado (para perfumar roupas, etc.); pó para perfume
Russian English To Russian - sachet 
с. саше, сухие духи
Turkish English To Turkish - sachet 
i. kesecik, torbacık, lavanta kesesi
English French To English - sachet 
(m) n. sachet, small bag
English Spanish To English - sachet 
[sachet (m)] n. sachet, small pouch filled with fragrant material (usually placed in closets or drawers)
Albanian English To Albanian - sachet 
n. aromë e thatë, qese
Dutch English To Dutch - sachet 
zn. sachet, reukzakje
Greek English To Greek - sachet 
ουσ. σακκίδιο πούδρας
French Dutch To French - sachet 
(houder) sachet (m)
Dutch French To Dutch - sachet 
(conteneur) sachet (n); zakje (n)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - sachet 
(名) 香袋, 香粉, 香料袋
ChineseT English To ChineseT - sachet 
(名) 香袋, 香粉, 香料袋
Japanese English To Japanese - sachet 
(名) におい袋(クローゼットや引き出しに入れる)
Korean English To Korean - sachet 
명. 향주머니
German French To German - sachet 
n. tüte, packung, briefchen
Italian French To Italian - sachet 
(conteneur) bustina (f); sacchetto (m)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - sachet 
(conteneur) sachê (m)
Spanish French To Spanish - sachet 
(conteneur) saquito (m); bolsita (f)
Turkish French To Turkish - sachet 
[le] küçük torba, kese; lavanta kesesi
noun: a small soft bag containing perfumed powder; used to perfume items in a drawer or chest


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