Definition of sailmaker Pronunciation
1. One whose occupation is to make or repair sails.
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English - English - sailmaker Pronunciation
n. person who makes sails; company that manufactures sails
English - Spanish - sailmaker Pronunciation
s. persona que fabrica veleros; compañía que fabrica veleros
English - French - sailmaker Pronunciation
n. voilier, personne qui fait ou raccommode les voiles (Nautique); compagnie qui vend les voiles d'un bateau
English - German - sailmaker Pronunciation
n. Segelbauer, Person die Segel baut; Unternehmen das Segen herstellt
English - Italian - sailmaker Pronunciation
s. velaio, chi fabbrica vele; società che fabbrica vele
English - Portuguese - sailmaker Pronunciation
s. pessoa que faz veleiros; compania que fabrica veleiros
English - Russian - sailmaker Pronunciation
с. парус: мастер, изготовляющий паруса (M)
English - Turkish - sailmaker Pronunciation
English - Dutch - sailmaker Pronunciation
zn. zeilmaker, iemand die zeilen maakt; bedrijf dat zeilen vervaardigt
English - Japanese - sailmaker Pronunciation
(名) 帆をつくる人; 帆をつくる会社

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