French - English - saison Pronunciation
(f) n. season, one of the four quarters of the year (winter, spring, summer, autumn); period of time characterized by a certain quality or event; time
German - English - saison Pronunciation
n. season, period, length of time, period of time characterized by a certain quality or event
French - Spanish - saison Pronunciation
(période) estación (f)
German - Spanish - saison Pronunciation
n. temporada (f), estación (f), época (f)
French - German - saison Pronunciation
n. jahreszeit, saison, kur, spielzeit, kuraufenthalt
French - Italian - saison Pronunciation
(période) stagione (f)
French - Portuguese - saison Pronunciation
(période) estação (f)
French - Russian - saison Pronunciation
n. сезон (f), время года (f), время (пора) (f), пора (f)
German - French - saison Pronunciation
n. saison: haute saison (f), saison (f)
German - Italian - saison Pronunciation
n. stagione (f)
German - Russian - saison Pronunciation
n. сезон (f)
German - Turkish - saison Pronunciation
i. mevsim (f), sezon (f)
French - Dutch - saison Pronunciation
(période) seizoen (n); jaargetijde (n)
German - Dutch - saison Pronunciation
German - Chinese - saison Pronunciation
[die] pl.Saisons 季节。旺季。

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Synonyms for saison
1. âge: époque, temps
2. moment: circonstance