Definition of salary Pronunciation
1. A fixed amount of money paid to a worker, usually calculated on a monthly or annual basis, not hourly, as wages. Implies a degree of professionalism and/or autonomy.
2. To pay on the basis of a period of a week or longer, especially to convert from another form of compensation.
3. Saline
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English - English - salary Pronunciation
n. periodic wage paid to someone for work, pay
English - Spanish - salary Pronunciation
s. sueldo, emolumento, gaje, gajes, pago, salario
English - French - salary Pronunciation
n. salaire; appointements
English - German - salary Pronunciation
n. Gehalt, Lohn
English - Indonesian - salary Pronunciation
n. upah, gaji
English - Italian - salary Pronunciation
s. stipendio, retribuzione
English - Polish - salary Pronunciation
n. płaca, wypłata, pobory, wynagrodzenie, gaża, pensja, uposażenie
English - Portuguese - salary Pronunciation
s. salário, ganho
English - Romanian - salary Pronunciation
n. salariu, salarizare, leafă, retribuţie
English - Russian - salary Pronunciation
с. жалованье, оклад, зарплата
English - Turkish - salary Pronunciation
f. maaş vermek
i. maaş, aylık, aylık bağlamak, ücret
English - Ukrainian - salary Pronunciation
n. платня, оклад, заплата, зарплата, плата: заробітна плата
v. платня: платити платню
English - Dutch - salary Pronunciation
zn. salaris; honorarium
English - Greek - salary Pronunciation
ουσ. μισθοδοσία, μισθός, απολαβή, τακτικός μισθός
English - Arabic - salary Pronunciation
‏راتب، معاش، مرتب‏
English - Chinese - salary Pronunciation
(名) 薪资, 薪水, 工资
English - Chinese - salary Pronunciation
(名) 薪資, 薪水, 工資
English - Hindi - salary Pronunciation
n. तनख़्वाह, वेतन, मज़दूरी, पगार
English - Japanese - salary Pronunciation
(名) 給料
English - Korean - salary Pronunciation
명. 봉급, 월급, 임금
English - Vietnamese - salary Pronunciation
n. tiền công, tiền lương
v. phát lương, trả tiền công

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Synonyms for salary
amount paid: advance, stipend, gratuity, wages, allowance, subsidy