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English English - Definition of salary 
n. periodic wage paid to someone for work, pay
Spanish English To Spanish - salary 
s. sueldo, emolumento, gaje, gajes, pago, salario
French English To French - salary 
n. salaire; appointements
German English To German - salary 
n. Gehalt, Lohn
Italian English To Italian - salary 
s. stipendio, retribuzione
Portuguese English To Portuguese - salary 
s. salário, ganho
Russian English To Russian - salary 
с. жалованье, оклад, зарплата
Turkish English To Turkish - salary 
f. maaş vermek
i. maaş, aylık, aylık bağlamak, ücret
Albanian English To Albanian - salary 
n. rrogë, pagë, pagesë, fitim
Dutch English To Dutch - salary 
zn. salaris; honorarium
Greek English To Greek - salary 
ουσ. μισθοδοσία, μισθός, απολαβή, τακτικός μισθός
ChineseS English To ChineseS - salary 
(名) 薪资, 薪水, 工资
ChineseT English To ChineseT - salary 
(名) 薪資, 薪水, 工資
Japanese English To Japanese - salary 
(名) 給料
Korean English To Korean - salary 
명. 봉급, 월급, 임금
noun: something that remunerates


 Synonyms for salary
amount paid: advance, stipend, gratuity, wages, allowance, subsidy

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