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English English - Definition of sand eel 
type of small fish that resembles an eel
French English To French - sand eel 
lançon ou équille, petit poisson de forme allongé qui s'enfouit dans le sable (ayant la forme d'une anguille)
German English To German - sand eel 
Sandaal, kleiner Aal ähnlicher Fisch
Italian English To Italian - sand eel 
anguilla della sabbia
Portuguese English To Portuguese - sand eel 
tipo de peixe pequeno parecido com a enguia
Russian English To Russian - sand eel 
Turkish English To Turkish - sand eel 
kum yılanbalığı
Dutch English To Dutch - sand eel 
kleine vissoort die op een aal lijkt
Japanese English To Japanese - sand eel 
Korean English To Korean - sand eel 
noun: very small silvery eellike schooling fishes that burrow into sandy beaches


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