Definition of sanitise Pronunciation
1. Make sanitary by cleaning or sterilizing.
2. Make less offensive or more acceptable by removing objectionable features.
Sanitize a document before releasing it to the press.
Sanitize history.
Sanitize the language in a book.
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English - English - sanitise Pronunciation
[sanitise (Brit.) ] v. clean, disinfect, sterilize, make hygienic; make more acceptable or less offensive or less harmful by removing unpleasant or incriminating features (also sanitize)
English - Spanish - sanitise Pronunciation
Ex: Attempts to sanitize the web will be as futile as any attempt to sanitize the private speech of all citizens.
English - French - sanitise Pronunciation
[sanitise (Brit.) ] v. assainir; nettoyer, désinfecter, stériliser; rendre hygiénique; purger
English - Italian - sanitise Pronunciation
v. sanitizzare, espurgare
English - Portuguese - sanitise Pronunciation
[sanitise (Brit.) ] v. sanitarizar, limpar, desinfetar, esterelizar, tornar higiênico; tornar mais aceitável e menos ofensivo
English - Greek - sanitise Pronunciation
απολυμαίνω, αποστειρώνω, καθαρίζω, καθιστώ υγιεινό

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