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English English - Definition of satisfaction 
n. appeasement of a desire; gratification of a need; feeling of gratification; pleasure, contentment; compensation, remuneration; placation, appeasement; fulfillment
n. satisfaction, fulfilment, gratification; contentment, complacence, content
Spanish English To Spanish - satisfaction 
s. satisfacción, complacencia, contentamiento, contento, disfrute; compensación, desagravio, recompensa, reparación; saciedad
French English To French - satisfaction 
n. satisfaction; assouvissement; rétribution, récompense; respect (d'engagements); rénumération, compensation, appaisement, gratification; plaisir ; contentement
German English To German - satisfaction 
n. Satisfaktion; Zufriedenstellung; Genugtuung; Befriedigung; Erfüllung; Entschädigung
Italian English To Italian - satisfaction 
s. soddisfazione, soddisfacimento, appagamento; compiacimento; gioia, contentezza; gusto, piacere; riparazione; indennizzo, risarcimento; (Dir) adempimento, assolvimento; regolamento; (Teol) penitenza
Portuguese English To Portuguese - satisfaction 
s. satisfação; contentamento; necessidade satisfeita; indenização; existência; recheio; recompensa
Russian English To Russian - satisfaction 
с. удовлетворение, компенсация, сатисфакция; исполнение обязательства; расплата, искупление грехов; уплата долга, погашение долга
Turkish English To Turkish - satisfaction 
i. tatmin, memnuniyet, hoşnutluk, memnun etme, kefaretin ödenmesi, ödeme, düello yaparak şerefini koruma
English French To English - satisfaction 
(f) n. satisfaction, fulfilment, gratification; contentment, complacence, content
Albanian English To Albanian - satisfaction 
n. kënaqësi, përmbushje, plotësim, shlyerje
Dutch English To Dutch - satisfaction 
zn. voldoening; genoegdoening; tevredenheid; beloning; het nakomen (belofte b.v.)
Greek English To Greek - satisfaction 
ουσ. ευχαρίστηση, ικανοποίηση
Dutch French To Dutch - satisfaction 
1. (général) voldoening (f); bevrediging (f)
2. (sentiments) genoegen (n); plezier (n)
3. (contentement) voldoening (f); tevredenheid (f)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - satisfaction 
(名) 满意, 满足; 称心; 愉快
ChineseT English To ChineseT - satisfaction 
(名) 滿意, 滿足; 稱心; 愉快
Japanese English To Japanese - satisfaction 
(名) 満足; 喜び; 代償; 鎮静; 達成感
Korean English To Korean - satisfaction 
명. 만족시킴; 만족함, 충족; 충족감; 기쁨; 보상, 배상; 가득채움
German French To German - satisfaction 
n. zufriedenheit, befriedigung, erfüllung, genugtuung, satisfaktion, zufriedenstellung, durchsetzung, stolz, wohlgefallen, behagen, erfolgserlebnis
Italian French To Italian - satisfaction 
1. (général) soddisfazione (f)
2. (sentiments) soddisfazione (f)
3. (contentement) soddisfazione (f); contentezza (f)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - satisfaction 
1. (général) satisfação (f)
2. (sentiments) satisfação (f)
3. (contentement) satisfação (f); contentamento (m)
Russian French To Russian - satisfaction 
n. удовольствие (f), удовлетворение (f), довольство (f)
Spanish French To Spanish - satisfaction 
1. (général) satisfacción (f)
2. (sentiments) satisfacción (f)
3. (contentement) satisfacción (f); contento (m)
Turkish French To Turkish - satisfaction 
[la] hoşnutluk, memnunluk
noun: act of fulfilling a desire or need or appetite Example:The satisfaction of their demand for better services.
noun: the contentment you feel when you have done something right Example:The chef tasted the sauce with great satisfaction.
noun: state of being gratified; great satisfaction
noun: compensation for a wrong Example:We were unable to get satisfaction from the local store.


 Synonyms for satisfaction
1. compensation: gratification, atonement, amends, settlement, recompense, remuneration, restitution
2. contentment: gratification, happiness, complacency, relief, comfort, joy

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