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English English - Definition of sceptre 
n. staff, royal baton; symbol of royalty or authority (alternate spelling for sceptre)
n. scepter, staff, royal baton; symbol of royalty or authority (alternate spelling for sceptre)
Spanish English To Spanish - sceptre 
s. Cetro; símbolo royal; majestuoso, autoridad del rey (como scepter)
French English To French - sceptre 
n. sceptre (bâton de commandement, emblème de pouvoir royal ou impérial; autorité suprême
German English To German - sceptre 
n. Zepter, Kommandostab, Symbol von Königswürde und Autorität (andere Schreiweise für scepter)
Italian English To Italian - sceptre 
s. scettro; simbolo regale (come scepter)
Portuguese English To Portuguese - sceptre 
s. cetro; símbolo da realeza; realeza, poderes reais ou imperiais (mesmo que scepter)
Russian English To Russian - sceptre 
с. скипетр
Turkish English To Turkish - sceptre 
i. asa, kraliyet asası
English French To English - sceptre 
(m) n. scepter, staff, royal baton; symbol of royalty or authority (alternate spelling for sceptre)
Albanian English To Albanian - sceptre 
n. skeptër
Dutch English To Dutch - sceptre 
zn. scepter; soeverein gezag
Greek English To Greek - sceptre 
ουσ. σκήπτρο
Dutch French To Dutch - sceptre 
(général) scepter (m)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - sceptre 
n. 珪 (guı1), 珽 (tıng3), 笏 (hu4)
ChineseT English To ChineseT - sceptre 
n. 珪 (guı1), 珽 (tıng3), 笏 (hu4)
Japanese English To Japanese - sceptre 
(名) 参謀, 王のもつ杖; 王権や王位の象徴(scepterとも綴る)
Korean English To Korean - sceptre 
명. 홀, 왕권
German French To German - sceptre 
n. szepter, zepter
Italian French To Italian - sceptre 
(général) scettro (m)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - sceptre 
(général) cetro (m)
Russian French To Russian - sceptre 
n. жезл (m), скипетр (m)
Spanish French To Spanish - sceptre 
(général) cetro (m)
Turkish French To Turkish - sceptre 
[le] hükümdarlık asası
noun: a ceremonial or emblematic staff
noun: the imperial authority symbolized by a scepter


 Synonyms for sceptre
1. sovereignty: royalty, majesty, reign, supremacy, power, command
2. ornamental rod: mace, wand, staff, rod

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