Definition of schedule Pronunciation
1. A slip of paper; a short note.
2. An annex or appendix to a statute or other regulatory instrument, or to a legal contract.
3. A timetable, or other time-based plan of events; a plan of what is to occur, and at what time.
4. Each of the five divisions into which controlled drugs are classified, or the restrictions denoted by such classification.
5. An allocation or ordering of a set of tasks on one or several resources.
6. To create a time-schedule.
7. To plan an activity at a specific date or time in the future.
I'll schedule you for three-o'clock then.
The next elections are scheduled on the 20th of November.
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English - English - schedule Pronunciation
n. timetable, agenda, itinerary; plan, scheme
v. make a schedule, create a timetable; enter into a timetable; plan for a certain date
English - Spanish - schedule Pronunciation
s. agenda, cronograma, diario, horario, itinerario, programa
v. fijar la hora para, poner en agenda, poner en la agenda, poner fecha para; programar, organizar, planificar
English - French - schedule Pronunciation
n. plan; agenda; itinéraire, programme; calendrier; horaire
v. dresser un plan, un programme; programmer; régler; planifier à une certaine date; établir l'horaire
English - German - schedule Pronunciation
n. Zeitplan, Stundenplan; Einzelaufstellung; Form, Planung
v. Stundenplan erstellen; Termin ausmachen, planen; einen günstigen Zeitpunkt festlegen
English - Italian - schedule Pronunciation
s. programma, piano, progetto; elenco, lista, prospetto, tabella; orario; (Comm) inventario
v. includere in una lista; fissare, programmare, stabilire; elencare, fare un elenco di; (Inform) schedulare
English - Portuguese - schedule Pronunciation
s. programação, tabela de horários; plano, planejamento
v. determinar a tabela de horários, determinar a programação; marcar uma data, programar, agendar; sincronizar
English - Russian - schedule Pronunciation
с. список, каталог, перечень, опись, план, перечень тарифов, расписание, график, программа, режим
г. составлять, составлять расписание, включать в расписание, намечать, разрабатывать, планировать, назначать
English - Turkish - schedule Pronunciation
f. zamanlamak, çalışma saatlerini yazmak, programlamak, şifte yazmak, tarifeye yazmak, ilave etmek
i. tarife, şift, program, liste, ek, ilave
English - Dutch - schedule Pronunciation
zn. agenda; specificatie; programma; plan
ww. agenda opmaken; tijd bepalen; plannen; keuze van het juiste tijdstip
English - Greek - schedule Pronunciation
ουσ. ονοματολόγιο, πρόγραμμα, επίσημος κατάλογος, δρομολόγιο, δρομολόγια
ρήμ. σχεδιάζω, θέτω εις το δρομολόγιον
English - Chinese - schedule Pronunciation
(名) 时间表, 计划, 一览表
(动) 将...列表; 安排, 预定; 将...列入计划表
English - Chinese - schedule Pronunciation
(名) 時間表, 計劃, 一覽表
(動) 將...列表; 安排, 預定; 將...列入計劃表
English - Japanese - schedule Pronunciation
(動) 予定する; 時刻表に組み込む; 計画を立てる
(名) 予定; 時間割り; 予定表; 時刻表
English - Korean - schedule Pronunciation
명. 예정, 예정표, 시간표, 과정표; 계획표
동. 표를 작성하다, 시간표를 만들다; 예정표에 넣다; 약속을 계획하다

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Synonyms for schedule
1. agenda: timetable, calendar, plan, program
2. list: inventory, catalogue, record, register, roll, table
3. list: classify, catalogue, tabulate, record, register, program, enter
Verb forms for schedule
Present participle: scheduling
Present: schedule (3.person: schedules)
Past: scheduled
Future: will schedule
Present conditional: would schedule
Present Perfect: have scheduled (3.person: has scheduled)
Past Perfect: had scheduled
Future Perfect: will have scheduled
Past conditional: would have scheduled