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English English - Definition of schmaltz 
n. grease, melted chicken fat used in cooking; exaggerated sentimentality, overemotionality (Yiddish)
Spanish English To Spanish - schmaltz 
s. grasa, sebo, grasa de gallina derretida usada para cocinar; sentimentalismo, sensiblería exagerada (Ydish)
French English To French - schmaltz 
n. graisse d'oie, sentimentalisme excessif, hyperémotivité, émotivité excessive (Yiddish)
German English To German - schmaltz 
n. Schmalz, Fett; geschmolzenes Hühnerfett beim Kochen benutzt; übertriebene Sentimentalität, Gefühlsduselei, Schmalz (aus dem Yiddischen)
Italian English To Italian - schmaltz 
s. grasso; sentimentalismo esagerato (yiddish)
Portuguese English To Portuguese - schmaltz 
s. gordura; sentimentalismo
Russian English To Russian - schmaltz 
с. сентиментальщина
Turkish English To Turkish - schmaltz 
i. aşırı duygusallık
Dutch English To Dutch - schmaltz 
zn. zoetelijke sentimentaliteit (slang)
Greek English To Greek - schmaltz 
(Lex**) αρρωστημένος συναισθηματισμός
ChineseS English To ChineseS - schmaltz 
(名) 极端感伤的音乐
ChineseT English To ChineseT - schmaltz 
(名) 極端感傷的音樂
Japanese English To Japanese - schmaltz 
(名) 料理に使われる溶けた鶏の脂肪; 極端に感情的であること(イディッシュ)
noun: (Yiddish) excessive sentimentality in art or music
name: A surname (rare: 1 in 100000 families; popularity rank in the U.S.: #13164)


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