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English English - Definition of schmalz 
n. rendered fat; exaggerated sentimentality, overemotionality (Yiddish)
n. fat, oily substance present in the bodies of animals and in some plants, lard, pigs' fat, dripping, fat and juices which drip from meat during cooking; schmaltz, exaggerated sentimentality, overemotionality (Yiddish)
Spanish English To Spanish - schmalz 
s. sentimentalismo
French English To French - schmalz 
n. graisse d'oie, sentimentalisme excessif
German English To German - schmalz 
n. Fett; Sentimentalität, Gefühlsduselei, Schmalz
Italian English To Italian - schmalz 
s. grasso; sentimentalismo, sentimenti, "schmaltz"
Portuguese English To Portuguese - schmalz 
s. gordura; sentimentalismo
Russian English To Russian - schmalz 
слащаво-сентиментальная музыка; слащавое литературное произведение; слащавость
English German To English - schmalz 
n. rendered fat; exaggerated sentimentality, overemotionality (Yiddish)
Dutch English To Dutch - schmalz 
zn. zoetelijke sentimentaliteit (slang)
Dutch German To Dutch - schmalz 
reuzel ,varkensvet
ChineseS English To ChineseS - schmalz 
(名) 极端伤感的作品; 伤感主义
ChineseT English To ChineseT - schmalz 
(名) 極端感傷的作品; 傷感主義
Japanese English To Japanese - schmalz 
(名) 脂肪; 極端な感傷主義(イディッシュ語)
Korean English To Korean - schmalz 
명. 녹여서 만든 지방; 지나친 감상주의, 극단적인 감상주의(이디시어)
ChineseS German To ChineseS - schmalz 
French German To French - schmalz 
n. guimauve (f), saindoux (m)
Italian German To Italian - schmalz 
n. opera sdolcinata (f), sentimentalismo (m), strutto (m)
Russian German To Russian - schmalz 
n. топленый: топленое сало (n), смалец (n), сентиментальщина (n), слащавость (n)
Spanish German To Spanish - schmalz 
n. grasa derretida (f), manteca (f), sensiblería (f), sentimentalismo (m), unción (f), empella (f)
Turkish German To Turkish - schmalz 
i. eritilmiş yağ (n), tiksindirici duygusallık (n)


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