Definition of schmalz Pronunciation
1. (Yiddish) excessive sentimentality in art or music.
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English - English - schmalz Pronunciation
n. rendered fat; exaggerated sentimentality, overemotionality (Yiddish)
n. fat, oily substance present in the bodies of animals and in some plants, lard, pigs' fat, dripping, fat and juices which drip from meat during cooking; schmaltz, exaggerated sentimentality, overemotionality (Yiddish)
English - Spanish - schmalz Pronunciation
s. sentimentalismo
English - French - schmalz Pronunciation
n. graisse d'oie, sentimentalisme excessif
English - German - schmalz Pronunciation
n. Fett; Sentimentalität, Gefühlsduselei, Schmalz
English - Italian - schmalz Pronunciation
s. grasso; sentimentalismo, sentimenti, "schmaltz"
English - Portuguese - schmalz Pronunciation
s. gordura; sentimentalismo
English - Russian - schmalz Pronunciation
слащаво-сентиментальная музыка; слащавое литературное произведение; слащавость
German - English - schmalz Pronunciation
n. rendered fat; exaggerated sentimentality, overemotionality (Yiddish)
English - Dutch - schmalz Pronunciation
zn. zoetelijke sentimentaliteit (slang)
German - Spanish - schmalz Pronunciation
n. grasa derretida (f), manteca (f), sensiblería (f), sentimentalismo (m), unción (f), empella (f)
German - French - schmalz Pronunciation
n. guimauve (f), saindoux (m)
German - Italian - schmalz Pronunciation
n. opera sdolcinata (f), sentimentalismo (m), strutto (m)
German - Russian - schmalz Pronunciation
n. топленый: топленое сало (n), смалец (n), сентиментальщина (n), слащавость (n)
German - Turkish - schmalz Pronunciation
i. eritilmiş yağ (n), tiksindirici duygusallık (n)
German - Dutch - schmalz Pronunciation
reuzel ,varkensvet
English - Chinese - schmalz Pronunciation
(名) 极端伤感的作品; 伤感主义
English - Chinese - schmalz Pronunciation
(名) 極端感傷的作品; 傷感主義
English - Japanese - schmalz Pronunciation
(名) 脂肪; 極端な感傷主義(イディッシュ語)
English - Korean - schmalz Pronunciation
명. 녹여서 만든 지방; 지나친 감상주의, 극단적인 감상주의(이디시어)
German - Chinese - schmalz Pronunciation

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