Definition of scrutinise Pronunciation
1. To examine something with great care.
2. To audit accounts etc in order to verify them.
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English - English - scrutinise Pronunciation
[scrutinise (Brit.) ] v. examine, investigate, check closely, inspect (also scrutinize)
English - Spanish - scrutinise Pronunciation
[scrutinise (Brit.) ] v. escudriñar, analizar, escrutar, espulgar, examinar con detalle, expulgar, mirar con gran atención, observar cuidadosamente
English - French - scrutinise Pronunciation
[scrutinise (Brit.) ] v. scruter,sonder; contrôler; étudier minutieusement; vérifier
English - German - scrutinise Pronunciation
Brit.) ] v. untersuchen, genau prüfen, streng prüfen
English - Italian - scrutinise Pronunciation
[scrutinise (Brit.) ] v. esaminare attentamente, scrutare
English - Portuguese - scrutinise Pronunciation
[scrutinise (Brit.) ] v. examinar, verificar, investigar, sondar, examinar com cautela
English - Russian - scrutinise Pronunciation
г. внимательно изучать, пристально рассматривать
English - Dutch - scrutinise Pronunciation
[scrutinise (Brit.) ] ww. examineren, nader onderzoeken, investigeren, inspecteren
English - Greek - scrutinise Pronunciation
(Lex). εξετάζω, ξετάζω
English - Japanese - scrutinise Pronunciation
[scrutinise (Brit.) ] (動) 綿密に調べる

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Synonyms for scrutinise
study: scrutinize, examine, ponder, weigh, contemplate, consider, estimate, reflect