[scrutinize (Amer.) ] v. examine, investigate, check closely, inspect (also scrutinise)
English - Spanish - scrutinize Pronunciation
[scrutinize (Amer.) ] v. registrar, expulgar; ser escudriñador; escrutar, analizar, efectuar el escrutinio de, escudriñar, espulgar, examinar a fondo, examinar con detalle, examinar en detalle, hacer el recuento de
English - French - scrutinize Pronunciation
[scrutinize (Amer.) ] v. scruter, sonder, examiner; vérifier
English - German - scrutinize Pronunciation
Amer.) ] v. prüfen, untersuchen, genau untersuchen, aus der Nähe untersuchen
English - Italian - scrutinize Pronunciation
[scrutinize (Amer.) ] v. scrutare, esaminare attentamente, indagare
English - Portuguese - scrutinize Pronunciation
[scrutinize (Amer.) ] v. examinar, observar de perto
English - Russian - scrutinize Pronunciation
г. рассматривать, изучать, внимательно рассматривать, тщательно исследовать, критически изучать
English - Turkish - scrutinize Pronunciation
[scrutinize (Amer.) ] f. dikkatle incelemek, iyice incelemek, ince eleyip sık dokumak
English - Albanian - scrutinize Pronunciation
v. shqyrtoj, këqyr me kujdes, vëzhgoj
English - Dutch - scrutinize Pronunciation
[scrutinize (Amer.) ] ww. examineren, nader onderzoeken, investigeren, inspecteren
English - Greek - scrutinize Pronunciation
[scrutinize (Amer.) ] ρήμ. εξονυχίζω, διερευνώ, εξετάζω λεπτομερώς
English - Chinese - scrutinize Pronunciation
(动) 详细检查; 细看
English - Chinese - scrutinize Pronunciation
(動) 詳細檢查; 細看
English - Japanese - scrutinize Pronunciation
[scrutinize (Amer.) ] (動) 綿密に調べる
English - Korean - scrutinize Pronunciation
동. 세밀히 조사하다, 자세히 검사하다
verb: of accounts and tax returns; with the intent to verify
verb: to look at critically or searchingly, or in minute detail Example:He scrutinized his likeness in the mirror.

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Synonyms for scrutinize
scrutinise: study, examine, ponder, weigh, contemplate, consider, estimate, reflect
Verb forms for scrutinize
Present participle: scrutinizing
Present: scrutinize (3.person: scrutinizes)
Past: scrutinized
Future: will scrutinize
Present conditional: would scrutinize
Present Perfect: have scrutinized (3.person: has scrutinized)
Past Perfect: had scrutinized
Future Perfect: will have scrutinized
Past conditional: would have scrutinized