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English English - Definition of secured 
adj. made safe; protected, guarded; promised, guaranteed; closed, fastened, locked; obtained, acquired
Spanish English To Spanish - secured 
adj. asegurado
French English To French - secured 
adj. fixé
German English To German - secured 
[secure] v. versprechen; erreichen; erstehen; schützen; absichern; verstärken; verschließen, absperren
adj. versichert
Italian English To Italian - secured 
agg. assicurato
Portuguese English To Portuguese - secured 
adj. assegurado
Russian English To Russian - secured 
[secure] г. обеспечивать безопасность, обезопасить, надежно охранять; заграждать; укреплять; гарантировать, страховать; запирать, запереть на замок
Turkish English To Turkish - secured 
s. sağlam, sigortalı, güvenceye alınmış, depozitli, teminât depozitli
Dutch English To Dutch - secured 
bn. beveiligd
Greek English To Greek - secured 
[secure] ρήμ. ασφαλίζω, εξασφαλίζω
ChineseS English To ChineseS - secured 
[secure] (动) 把...弄牢; 使安全; 关紧; 掩护
ChineseT English To ChineseT - secured 
[secure] (動) 把...弄牢; 使安全; 關緊; 掩護
Japanese English To Japanese - secured 
(形) 安全にした; 保護した, 防護した; 保証した; 締めた; 入手した
(動) 安全にする; 守る; 確保する; 保証する
Korean English To Korean - secured 
[secure] 동. 안전하게 하다, 확실하게 하다; 얻다, 취하다; 보호하다, 방어하다; 강화하다; 잠그다
adjective: secured by written agreement
adjective: firmly fastened or secured against opening Example:Left the house properly secured.


 Synonyms for secured
accumulative: increasing, gathered, attained, chained, cumulative

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