Definition of sedateness Pronunciation
1. The state or quality of being sedate; calmness of mind, manner, or countenance; composure; placidity; serenity; tranquillity.
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English - English - sedateness Pronunciation
n. calmness, tranquility; composure, staidness
English - Spanish - sedateness Pronunciation
s. tranquilidad, sosiego; seriedad, formalidad
English - French - sedateness Pronunciation
n. pondération; calme; tranquillité
English - German - sedateness Pronunciation
n. Gesetztheit, Gelassenheit, Ruhe
English - Italian - sedateness Pronunciation
s. compostezza
English - Portuguese - sedateness Pronunciation
s. serenidade, quietude, tranqüilidade
English - Russian - sedateness Pronunciation
невозмутимость; степенность; уравновешенность
English - Turkish - sedateness Pronunciation
i. ciddiyet, ağırbaşlılık, usluluk, aklı başındalık
English - Dutch - sedateness Pronunciation
zn. bezadigdheid, kalmte, rust
English - Greek - sedateness Pronunciation
ουσ. σοβαρότης, σοβαρότητα, αταραξία
English - Chinese - sedateness Pronunciation
(名) 安详; 镇静
English - Chinese - sedateness Pronunciation
(名) 安詳; 鎮靜
English - Japanese - sedateness Pronunciation
(名) 平静

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