Definition of self-important Pronunciation
1. Having, or behaving as if having, too high an opinion of one's own importance.
The assistant manager was a self-important fellow who strutted about the office barking instructions.
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English - Spanish - self-important Pronunciation
adj. presumido
English - French - self-important Pronunciation
adj. suffisant, vaniteux
English - German - self-important Pronunciation
adj. selbstbewusst
English - Indonesian - self-important Pronunciation
a. sombong
English - Portuguese - self-important Pronunciation
adj. cheio de si
English - Romanian - self-important Pronunciation
a. plin de sine, încrezut, orgolios
English - Russian - self-important Pronunciation
прил. самомнение: с большим самомнением, важничающий
English - Turkish - self-important Pronunciation
s. kendini beğenmiş, kendini birşey sanan
English - Ukrainian - self-important Pronunciation
a. пихатий, зарозумілий
English - Dutch - self-important Pronunciation
bn. gewichtig
English - Greek - self-important Pronunciation
επίθ. φαντασμένοσ, αυτάρεσκοσ
English - Arabic - self-important Pronunciation
‏مختال، مغرور، معجب بنفسه‏

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Synonyms for self-important
fat-headed: inflated, arrogant, pretentious, boastful, big, conceited, haughty