Definition of sellout Pronunciation
1. An action in which principles are compromised for financial gain.
2. A person who compromises his or her principles for financial gain.
The rock star used to be hardcore, but now he's just a sellout.
3. The selling of an entire stock of something, especially tickets for an entertainment or sports event.
The game was a sellout.
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English - English - sellout Pronunciation
n. clearance sale, liquidation; betrayal, disloyal act; event for which all the tickets are sold
English - Spanish - sellout Pronunciation
s. traición
English - French - sellout Pronunciation
n. liquidation, soldes; trahison; événement dont les billets étaient vendus auparavant
English - German - sellout Pronunciation
n. Ausverkauf; Verrat
English - Italian - sellout Pronunciation
s. svendita, vendita totale; esaurimento (di biglietti ecc.)
English - Portuguese - sellout Pronunciation
s. liquidação total, venda com o objetivo de liquidar o estoque; traição, deslealdade; sucesso de bilheteria, evento cujos ingressos estão esgotados
English - Turkish - sellout Pronunciation
i. elden çıkarma, kapalı gişe, ihanet, ele verme
English - Ukrainian - sellout Pronunciation
n. виставка, зрада, розпродаж
English - Dutch - sellout Pronunciation
zn. volle zaal, uitverkochte voorstelling; verraad
English - Greek - sellout Pronunciation
ουσ. προδοσία, πώληση όλων των θέσεων, πώληση όλων των θέσεων παραστάσεως
English - Chinese - sellout Pronunciation
(名) 售完; 背叛; 演出等之满座; 背弃
English - Chinese - sellout Pronunciation
(名) 售完; 背叛; 演出等之滿座; 背棄
English - Hindi - sellout Pronunciation
n. फ़रोख़्त, बिक्री, नीलाम, सोल्ड आउट विज्ञापन, ग़द्दारी, विश्वास-घात, परदारगमन, द्रोह, ग़द्दार
English - Japanese - sellout Pronunciation
(名) 売り払うこと; 大入り満員の興行; 売切れ; 完売; 裏切り
English - Korean - sellout Pronunciation
명. 완전히 다팔림, 청산; 배신; 매진
English - Vietnamese - sellout Pronunciation
n. đồ vật bán hết, vật bán hết

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