Definition of semiclassical Pronunciation
1. Describing classical music of broad, popular appeal
2. Describing any of various approximations to either relativistic or quantum mechanical physics that retains elements of classical physics
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English - English - semiclassical Pronunciation
adj. partially classical, having some classical characteristics
English - Spanish - semiclassical Pronunciation
adj. Semiclásico
English - French - semiclassical Pronunciation
adj. semi-classique, partiellement classique
English - German - semiclassical Pronunciation
adj. halbklassisch
English - Italian - semiclassical Pronunciation
agg. semiclassico
English - Portuguese - semiclassical Pronunciation
adj. semi-clássico
English - Russian - semiclassical Pronunciation
English - Dutch - semiclassical Pronunciation
bn. halfklassiek
English - Chinese - semiclassical Pronunciation
(形) 半古典的
English - Chinese - semiclassical Pronunciation
(形) 半古典的
English - Japanese - semiclassical Pronunciation
(形) 準古典的な; 半古典的な; 二流の

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