Definition of sentry Pronunciation
1. A guard, particularly on duty at the entrance to a military base.
2. Sentry duty; time spent being a sentry.
3. A form of drag to be towed underwater, which on striking bottom is upset and rises to the surface.
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English - English - sentry Pronunciation
n. guard, sentinel, soldier or guard who is stationed at a passageway to prevent unauthorized entries or departures; watch, duty of a sentry
English - Spanish - sentry Pronunciation
s. centinela
English - French - sentry Pronunciation
n. sentinelle, gardien, garde, soldat qui monte la garde pour vérifier l'entrée et la sortie des personnes
English - German - sentry Pronunciation
n. Wachdienst; Wache, Wachposten, Person die aufpasst dass keine unbefugte Person eintritt oder raus geht
English - Italian - sentry Pronunciation
s. (Mil) sentinella, soldato di guardia
English - Portuguese - sentry Pronunciation
s. vigia, guarda, sentinela
English - Russian - sentry Pronunciation
с. часовой, дежурный, караул
English - Turkish - sentry Pronunciation
i. nöbetçi, nöbet
English - Dutch - sentry Pronunciation
zn. wacht, schildwacht
English - Greek - sentry Pronunciation
ουσ. φρουρός, σκοπός
English - Chinese - sentry Pronunciation
(名) 步哨; 站岗; 哨兵; 看守, 警卫
English - Chinese - sentry Pronunciation
(名) 步哨; 站崗; 哨兵; 看守, 警衛
English - Japanese - sentry Pronunciation
(名) 歩哨; 監視
English - Korean - sentry Pronunciation
명. 보초

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Synonyms for sentry
sentinel: patrol, guard, scout, look-out, protector, defender, watch