Definition of separation Pronunciation
1. The distance between things.
Fragile items require separation and cushioning.
2. Coming apart.
3. The termination of employment (by resignation or dismissal).
4. The act of dividing or disconnecting.
5. The social act of separating or parting company.
The separation of church and state.
6. (law) the cessation of cohabitation of man and wife (either by mutual agreement or under a court order).
7. Sorting one thing from others.
The separation of wheat from chaff.
The separation of mail by postal zones.
8. The state of lacking unity.
9. The space where a division or parting occurs.
He hid in the separation between walls.
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English - English - separation Pronunciation
n. split, gap, breach; state of being divided; act of splitting, act of dividing; disconnection, detachment; act of setting apart, segregation; act of partitioning
n. separation, break up; divorce; parting, split up; segregation, division, isolation
English - Spanish - separation Pronunciation
s. separación, distancia; desmembración, desconexión, disgregación, disolución, segregación, desunión, disensión, aislamiento, alejamiento, apartamiento, desvinculación, distanciamiento, división
English - French - separation Pronunciation
n. séparation, distinction; scission; classement, tri; triage; ségrégation; détachement
English - German - separation Pronunciation
n. Abschied; Scheidung; Trennung; Abtrennung
English - Italian - separation Pronunciation
s. separazione, divisione, distacco; isolamento, segregazione; distinzione, differenza, diversità; separazione legale; demarcazione; intervallo, spazio intercorrente
English - Portuguese - separation Pronunciation
s. separação; desunião, afastamento; divisão; análise
English - Russian - separation Pronunciation
с. отделение, разъединение; разделение, разобщение, разлучение; сепарация, разлука, разложение на части; раздельное жительство супругов, развод; увольнение, демобилизация
English - Turkish - separation Pronunciation
i. ayrılık, ayırma, ayrılma, bölünme, aralık, boşluk, ayrışma, ayrı olma, müstakil olma
English - Dutch - separation Pronunciation
zn. scheiding; afscheiding; afsluiting
English - Greek - separation Pronunciation
ουσ. χωρισμός, διαχώριση, αποχωρισμός
German - Italian - separation Pronunciation
n. divisione (f), separazione (f)
German - Turkish - separation Pronunciation
ayirma, ayrilma, ayrilis, ayrilik, ayri yasama
English - Chinese - separation Pronunciation
(名) 分离, 缺口, 分居
English - Chinese - separation Pronunciation
(名) 分離, 缺口, 分居
English - Japanese - separation Pronunciation
(名) 分離; 分離箇所; 分かれ目
English - Korean - separation Pronunciation
명. 분리, 쪼개짐, 틈; 헤어진 상태, 나누어진 상태; 이탈; 가름, 나눔; 헤어짐
German - Chinese - separation Pronunciation
[die] pl.Separationen 分离。隔离。分类。分级。缺口。分居。

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Synonyms for separation
1. departure: farewell
2. disconnection: detachment, dissolution, disunion, cut, division, divorce