Spanish - English - serie Pronunciation
[serie (f)] n. series, sequence; set; range; procession; pack; train; lieu; thread, chain of messages on a particular subject on the Internet (Computers); execution procedure which is part of an application (Computers)
German - English - serie Pronunciation
A] n. series, sequence, succession; sequence of numbers which are added together in succession; serial, work which is published or broadcast in regular installments (such as a television program or magazine)
Italian - English - serie Pronunciation
n. series, sequence, set, string, round, collection, line, range, succession, train
Romanian - English - serie
n. series, succession, string, batch, order, number, cycle, set, concatenation, swath, course, run
Dutch - English - serie Pronunciation
n. series, sequence, round, set, run
German - Spanish - serie Pronunciation
n. serie (f), serial (m), sucesión (f), tanda (f), cuatrinca (f), flux (m), racha (f), lance (m)
Spanish - French - serie Pronunciation
1. (general) série (f)
2. (orden) série (f)
3. (matemáticas) progression (f); série (f)
Spanish - German - serie Pronunciation
n. reihe, folge, reihenfolge, abfolge, sequenz, serie, kette, zyklus, flucht
Spanish - Russian - serie Pronunciation
n. серия, ряд
German - French - serie Pronunciation
n. série (f), collection (f), enfilade (f)
German - Italian - serie Pronunciation
n. serie (f), collana (f), fila (f), batteria (f)
German - Russian - serie Pronunciation
n. серия (f), ряд (f)
German - Turkish - serie Pronunciation
i. seri (f), dizi (f)
Italian - French - serie Pronunciation
1. (generale) série (f)
2. (ordine) série (f)
3. (televisione) feuilleton (m) 4. (quantità) assortiment (m); gamme (f); variété (f)
Italian - German - serie Pronunciation
n. reihe, serie, aufeinanderfolge, kette, flucht, folge, skala, strähne, kranz, zyklus, spiel
Dutch - French - serie Pronunciation
(algemeen) série (f)
German - Dutch - serie Pronunciation
reeks ,serie
German - Chinese - serie Pronunciation
[die] pl. Serien 系列。连续。系列。串联。批。套。组。辑。
Spanish - Korean - serie Pronunciation
n. 일련, 열

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Synonyms for serie
sucesión: progresión, orden, curso, gradación, fila