Definition of shame Pronunciation
1. Uncomfortable or painful feeling due to recognition or consciousness of impropriety, dishonor, or other wrong in the opinion of the person experiencing the feeling. It is caused by awareness of exposure of circumstances of unworthiness or of improper or indecent conduct.
When I realized that I had hurt my friend, I felt deep shame.
The teenager couldn’t bear the shame of introducing his parents.
2. Something to regret.
It was a shame not to see the show after driving all that way.
3. Reproach incurred or suffered; dishonour; ignominy; derision.
4. The cause or reason of shame; that which brings reproach and ignominy.
5. That which is shameful and private, especially body parts.
Cover your shame!
6. A cry of admonition for the subject of a speech, often used reduplicated, especially in political debates.
7. Expressing sympathy.
Shame, you poor thing, you must be cold!
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English - English - shame Pronunciation
n. embarrassment; disgrace; dishonor
v. embarrass; bring dishonor; humiliate; compel through guilt
English - Spanish - shame Pronunciation
s. vergüenza, afrenta, azaramiento, bochorno; escarnio, desgracia, ignominio, ludibrio, oprobio, lástima, conmiseración
v. avergonzar, abochornar, baldonar, deshonrar a, humillar
English - French - shame Pronunciation
n. honte, déshonneur, infamie
v. faire honte; déshonorer; frapper d'infamie; humilier; mortifier; piquer l'amour propre de quelqu'un
English - German - shame Pronunciation
n. Schande; Scham; Schamgefühl; Schandfleck
v. schämen; sich schämen
English - Italian - shame Pronunciation
s. vergogna; senso di pudore, ritegno; onta, disonore, ignominia; (fam) peccato
v. far vergognare, far provare vergogna a; disonorare, recare onta a; indurre per la vergogna; fare sfigurare con la propria superiorità, eclissare, oscurare
English - Portuguese - shame Pronunciation
s. vergonha, vexame; desonra; escândalo
v. envergonhar; desonrar; humilhar; envergonhar-se
English - Russian - shame Pronunciation
с. стыд, позор, срам, бесславие, неприятность, досада
г. стыдить, пристыдить, совестить, позорить, посрамить, осрамить
English - Turkish - shame Pronunciation
f. utandırmak, mahçup etmek, ayıp etmek, yazık etmek, namusunu kirletmek, tecâvüz etmek
i. utanç, utanma, utanılacak şey, ayıp, yüz karası, leke, yazık
English - Dutch - shame Pronunciation
zn. schaamte; schande
ww. schamen; schaamte voelen; beschaamd maken; te schande maken
English - Greek - shame Pronunciation
επίθ. αίσχος
ουσ. ντροπή, εντροπή, όνειδος
ρήμ. καταισχύνω, ντροπιάζω, εντροπιάζω
English - Chinese - shame Pronunciation
(名) 羞耻, 可耻的人, 羞愧
(动) 使羞愧, 侮辱
English - Chinese - shame Pronunciation
(名) 羞恥, 可恥的人, 羞愧
(動) 使羞愧, 侮辱
English - Japanese - shame Pronunciation
(動) 恥をかかせる; 侮辱する
(名) 恥ずかしさ; 恥; 恥ずべきこと
English - Korean - shame Pronunciation
명. 부끄러움; 치욕; 창피
동. 부끄럽게 하다; 창피를 주다; 모욕하다; 치욕스럽게 하다

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Dictionary Extension
Verb forms for shame
Present participle: shaming
Present: shame (3.person: shames)
Past: shamed
Future: will shame
Present conditional: would shame
Present Perfect: have shamed (3.person: has shamed)
Past Perfect: had shamed
Future Perfect: will have shamed
Past conditional: would have shamed