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English English - Definition of shank 
n. human leg; part of the leg between the knee and the foot; section of meat cut from the leg of certain animals; long narrow part of something (such as a nail, pin, etc.)
Spanish English To Spanish - shank 
s. astil, asta de ancla, fuste, zanca; espinilla
French English To French - shank 
n. jambe; cuisse; viande de la cuisse
German English To German - shank 
n. Unterschenkel, Schienbein; Hachse (vom Schlachttier)
Italian English To Italian - shank 
s. gamba, stinco, tibia; stelo, manico, fusto
Portuguese English To Portuguese - shank 
s. parte inferior da perna, canela; carne que recobre esta região anatômica (tanto comestível como constitucional)
Russian English To Russian - shank 
с. нога, голень; стержень, ствол, стебель, черенок; веретено, веретено якоря; ножка; слепая шахта
Turkish English To Turkish - shank 
i. incik, baldır, bacak, sap, gövde (direk vb.)
Albanian English To Albanian - shank 
n. kërci, fyell, këmbë, pjesë e drejtë, trup i germës, pjesë e ngushtë e këpucës, skaj, ilik, filiqe
Dutch English To Dutch - shank 
zn. schacht (v. anker); steel (gebruiksvoorwerp); schenkel (vlees)
Greek English To Greek - shank 
ουσ. κνήμη, στέλεχος εργαλείου, γάμπα
ChineseS English To ChineseS - shank 
(名) 小腿; 后期; 工具的柄; 早期
ChineseT English To ChineseT - shank 
(名) 小腿; 後期; 工具的柄; 早期
Japanese English To Japanese - shank 
(名) 柄; すね肉
Korean English To Korean - shank 
명. 정강이, 양말의 목 윗부분, 기둥의 몸, 나머지
noun: a poor golf stroke in which the heel of the club hits the ball
noun: the narrow part of the shoe connecting the heel and the wide part of the sole
noun: cylinder forming the part of a bit by which it is held in the drill
noun: cylinder forming the part of a bolt between the thread and the head
noun: cylinder forming a long narrow part of something
noun: the part of the human leg between the knee and the ankle
noun: a cut of meat (beef or veal or mutton or lamb) from the upper part of


 Synonyms for shank
handle: crop, haft, grip, butt, knob
Tenses for shank
Present participle: shanking
Present: shank (3.person: shanks)
Past: shanked
Future: will shank
Present conditional: would shank
Present Perfect: have shanked (3.person: has shanked)
Past Perfect: had shanked
Future Perfect: will have shanked
Past conditional: would have shanked

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