Definition of shoeblack Pronunciation
1. One who cleans and polishes shoes (and boots) as an occupation.
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English - English - shoeblack Pronunciation
n. bootblack, one who shines shoes as an occupation
English - Spanish - shoeblack Pronunciation
s. limpiabotas, betunero, lustrabotas
English - French - shoeblack Pronunciation
n. cireur de chaussures
English - German - shoeblack Pronunciation
n. Schuhpolierer
English - Italian - shoeblack Pronunciation
s. lucidascarpe
English - Portuguese - shoeblack Pronunciation
s. lustrador de sapatos, engraxate
English - Russian - shoeblack Pronunciation
с. чистильщик сапог
English - Turkish - shoeblack Pronunciation
i. ayakkabı boyacısı, boyacı, lostracı
English - Dutch - shoeblack Pronunciation
zn. schoenpoetser
English - Greek - shoeblack Pronunciation
ουσ. στιλβωτής υποδημάτων, λούστρος
English - Chinese - shoeblack Pronunciation
(名) 擦皮鞋的人
English - Chinese - shoeblack Pronunciation
(名) 擦皮鞋的人
English - Japanese - shoeblack Pronunciation
(名) 靴磨き
English - Korean - shoeblack Pronunciation
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