n. lack, scarcity, deficit, deficiency
English - Spanish - shortage Pronunciation
s. escasez, ausencia, carencia, carestía, cortedad, desabastecimiento, desabasto, falta, faltante, insuficiencia, merma; déficit
English - French - shortage Pronunciation
n. carence, manque; déficit
English - German - shortage Pronunciation
n. Knappheit; Mangel, Defizit
English - Italian - shortage Pronunciation
s. carenza, scarsità, scarsezza
English - Portuguese - shortage Pronunciation
s. falta, carência; déficit
English - Russian - shortage Pronunciation
с. нехватка, недостаток, дефицит, недобор
English - Turkish - shortage Pronunciation
i. yokluk, eksiklik, açık, kıtlık
English - Albanian - shortage Pronunciation
n. sasi e pakët
English - Dutch - shortage Pronunciation
zn. tekort; gebrek; deficit
English - Greek - shortage Pronunciation
ουσ. έλλειψη, ανεπάρκεια
English - Chinese - shortage Pronunciation
(名) 不足, 缺乏
English - Chinese - shortage Pronunciation
(名) 不足, 缺乏
English - Japanese - shortage Pronunciation
(名) 不足; 不足分
English - Korean - shortage Pronunciation
명. 부족, 부족액, 결점
noun: the property of being an amount by which something is less than expected or required
noun: an acute insufficiency

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Synonyms for shortage
lack: deficiency, defect, destitution, scarcity, want