Definitions and translations for "shoulder"

Definition of shoulder

1. The part of an animal's body between the base of the neck and forearm socket.
1. The part of the human torso forming a relatively horizontal surface running away from the neck.
The parrot was sitting on Steve's shoulder.
2. Anatomy The joint between the arm and the torso, sometimes including the surrounding muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
3. A cut of meat comprised of the upper joint of the foreleg and the surrounding muscle.
4. The portion of a garment where the shoulder is clothed.
2. Anything forming a shape resembling a human shoulder.
3. A shelf between two levels.
5. A part of a road where drivers may stop in an emergency; a hard shoulder.
He stopped the car on the shoulder of the highway to change the flat tire.
6. The portion of a hill or mountain just below the peak.
7. The lateral protrusion of a hill or mountain.
8. The angle of a bastion included between the face and flank.
9. An abrupt projection which forms an abutment on an object, or limits motion, etc., such as the projection around a tenon at the end of a piece of timber.
4. The flat portion of type that is below the bevelled portion that joins up with the face.
5. The portion below the neck.
10. Music The rounded portion of stringed instrument where the neck joins the body.
11. The rounded portion of a bottle where the neck meets the body.
12. Firearms The angled section between the neck and the main body of a cartridge.
6. That which supports or sustains; support.
7. To push (a person or thing) using one's shoulder.
8. To carry (something) on one's shoulders.
9. To bear a burden, as a financial obligation.
10. To put (something) on one's shoulders.
11. To accept responsibility for.
Shoulder the blame
12. To place (something) against one's shoulders.
13. To form a shape resembling a shoulder.
14. To move by or as if by using one's shoulders.
15. To round and slightly raise the top edges of slate shingles so that they form a tighter fit at the lower edge and can be swung aside to expose the nail.
16. To slope downwards from the crest and whitewater portion of a wave.
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English - English - shoulder

n. part of the body between the neck and the upper arm (in humans or animals); something which resembles a shoulder; area bordering a road
v. place on the shoulder; take on an obligation, carry a burden, take on responsibility; pave the way, create a path

English - Spanish - shoulder

s. hombro, brazuelo; orilla de la carretera, andén de la carretera, borde de la carretera
v. empujar con el hombro; cargar al hombro, echarse al hombro, llevar a hombros, llevar en hombros

English - French - shoulder

n. épaule, bas-côté
v. charger sur l'épaule; porter un fardeau, imposer sur soi; frayer un chemin, pousser, évincer

English - German - shoulder

n. Schulter
v. auf die Schulter nehmen; schultern; drängen; sich den Weg bahnen

English - Indonesian - shoulder

n. bahu, pundak, tepi, pinggir
v. memikul, menanggung, memanggul, membuka jalan dgn bahunya, membahu, berbentuk bahu

English - Italian - shoulder

s. (Anat, Macell, Gastr) spalla; (Strad) bordo della strada; corsia di emergenza; fianco; (Mecc) spallamento
v. mettersi sulle spalle; (fig) addossarsi, assumersi, accollarsi; spingere con le spalle; (Mil) mettere a spalla, spalleggiare

English - Polish - shoulder

n. ramię, bark, pobocze, łopatka {kulin.}, wyskok, krawędź, kołnierz {techn.}

English - Portuguese - shoulder

s. ombro, espádua; língua de rua
v. empurrar com o ombro; carregar nos ombros; olhar por cima dos ombros; abrir caminho, afastar

English - Romanian - shoulder

n. umăr, picior, contrafort {constr.}
v. lua pe umăr, împinge cu umărul, îmbrânci, asuma, răspundere: a-şi asuma o răspundere {fig.}

English - Russian - shoulder

с. плечо, лопатка [анат.]; вешалка, плечики для одежды; обочина; буртик [тех.]; поясок; выступ, уступ
г. взвалить на плечи, брать на себя, толкать

English - Turkish - shoulder

f. omuzlamak, omuzla iterek açmak, omzuna almak, üstüne almak, yüklenmek
i. omuz, sırt (dağ), yamaç, banket, güvenlik şeridi

English - Ukrainian - shoulder

n. плече, лопатка, вішалка, виступ
v. плече: брати на плечі, брати на себе, проштовхуватися

English - Dutch - shoulder

zn. schouder; berm
ww. duwen (met de schouders), dringen; zich (een weg) banen; op zijn schouders nemen

English - Greek - shoulder

ουσ. ώμος
ρήμ. θέτω εις τον ώμον, φέρω εις τον ώμον, αναλαμβάνω, επωμίζομαι

English - Arabic - shoulder

‏كتف، عاتق، كتف لبجبل، هامش الطريق، حافة الطريق، جانب الخط الحديدي، ممر جانبي‏
‏تقع على عاتقه، ساعد، تحمل عبء، واجه، دفع بكتفه‏

English - Chinese - shoulder

(名) 肩, 侧翼, 肩部
(动) 肩负, 担任, 负担; 用肩推挤

English - Chinese - shoulder

(名) 肩, 側翼, 肩部
(動) 肩負, 擔任, 負擔; 用肩推擠

English - Hindi - shoulder

n. कंधा, सहारा, आधार, ढाल, ढलान
v. धक्का देना, कंधा लगाना, भार लेना, दायित्व लेना

English - Japanese - shoulder

(動) 担ぐ; 負う; 肩で押す
(名) 肩; 双肩

English - Korean - shoulder

명. 어깨; 어깨 같은 것; 도로의 양 옆
동. 짊어지다, 어깨에 짊어 지다; 의무를 떠맡다; 밀치고 나아가다

English - Vietnamese - shoulder

n. vai, bả vai, bờ vai, phần của đồi lồi ra như vai, mống để đở vật gì
v. vác lên vai
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Synonyms for shoulder
1. assume: carry, bear, take up, support, accept, take on, sustain
2. protrusion: edge, projection, verge, collar, ledge, border, ridge
3. jostle: shove, bulldoze, crowd, thrust, elbow, bump
Verb forms for shoulder
Present participle: shouldering
Present: shoulder (3.person: shoulders)
Past: shouldered
Future: will shoulder
Present conditional: would shoulder
Present Perfect: have shouldered (3.person: has shouldered)
Past Perfect: had shouldered
Future Perfect: will have shouldered
Past conditional: would have shouldered