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English English - Definition of silent 
n. film without spoken dialogue, silent motion picture
adj. noiseless, quiet; reticent, uncommunicative; mute; wordless; having no spoken dialogue (film); making no mention of; not pronounced; not showing signs of its presence (disease)
v. hiss, make a hissing sound; express disapproval or derision by making a hissing sound
Spanish English To Spanish - silent 
s. película muda
adj. silencioso, callado, mudo, sigiloso, taciturno
French English To French - silent 
n. film muet, film sans dialogue parlé, film silencieux
adj. silencieux, muet, calme; réticent, non communicatif, qui ne montre pas des signes de présence; coi; muet sans paroles (film); réduit au silence; taciturne
German English To German - silent 
n. Stille
adj. ruhig; stille; schweigsam; stumm
Italian English To Italian - silent 
s. film muto
agg. zitto, in silenzio, che tace, tacito; silenzioso, taciturno, poco loquace; quieto, tranquillo; muto, senza parole, inespresso
Portuguese English To Portuguese - silent 
s. filme mudo
adj. silencioso, mudo, calado; sossegado, tranquilo, calmo, quieto; filme mudo; que fica calado
Russian English To Russian - silent 
прил. молчаливый, бессловесный, безмолвный; умалчивающий, не высказывающий, не высказанный вслух; тихий, непроизносимый, немой (о букве)
Turkish English To Turkish - silent 
s. sessiz, suskun, içinden okunan, içten içe güdülen, yazıldığı halde okunmayan (harf)
Albanian English To Albanian - silent 
adj. heshtur: i heshtur, fjalëpakë, qetë: i qetë, zë: pa zë, urtë: i urtë
Dutch English To Dutch - silent 
zn. stomme film
bn. stil; rustig; stom; zonder geluid, geluidloos (film); verlamd; niet spraakzaam
Greek English To Greek - silent 
επίθ. σιωπηλός, αμίλητος, εχέμυθος, άφωνος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - silent 
(名) 无声电影
(形) 沉默的, 无声的, 休止的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - silent 
(名) 無聲電影
(形) 沈默的, 無聲的, 休止的
Japanese English To Japanese - silent 
(形) 沈黙の; 無口な; 無声の; 静かな; ご無沙汰の; 沈黙を守る
(名) 無声映画
Korean English To Korean - silent 
명. 무성영화
형. 소리없는, 고요한; 침묵의; 말이없는; 무성의 (영화); 이야기 하지 않는; 묵음의; 아무런 징후가 나타나지 않는 (질병)
adjective: marked by absence of sound Example:A silent house.
adjective: having a frequency below or above the range of human audibility Example:A silent dog whistle.
adjective: not made to sound Example:The silent `h' at the beginning of `honor'.
adjective: failing to speak or communicate etc when expected to Example:The witness remained silent.
adjective: indicated by necessary connotation though not expressed directly Example:Gave silent consent.


 Synonyms for silent
1. quiet: noiseless, soundless, hushed, calm, still
2. speechless: reserved, close-mouthed, tacit, taciturn, unsaid, voiceless
3. dormant: inactive, quiescent

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