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English English - Definition of skimming 
[skim] v. remove matter floating on the surface of a liquid; glide on or just above a surface; glance through quickly; cause an object to skip across the surface of a liquid
Spanish English To Spanish - skimming 
[skim] v. pasar rozando, rasar; descremar, desnatar; examinar rápidamente, examinar ligeramente; bruzar
French English To French - skimming 
n. fraude fiscale
German English To German - skimming 
[skim] v. abrahmen; hingleiten über; abschöpfen; überfliegen
Italian English To Italian - skimming 
s. scrematura
Portuguese English To Portuguese - skimming 
[skim] v. espumar, escumar; desnatar (leite); planar; espiar; deslizar; tirar da superfície
Russian English To Russian - skimming 
с. снятие пены, снимание сливок с молока
Turkish English To Turkish - skimming 
i. kaymağını alma
Dutch English To Dutch - skimming 
[skim] ww. (heen)glijden, scheren; vluchtig inkijken
Greek English To Greek - skimming 
ουσ. αποβουτύρωση
ChineseS English To ChineseS - skimming 
[skim] (动) 撇去...表面的浮物; 从...中取得精华; 撇去, 去除; 提取; 擦过, 浏览
ChineseT English To ChineseT - skimming 
[skim] (動) 撇去...表面的浮物; 從...中取得精華; 撇去, 去除; 提取; 擦過, 瀏覽
Japanese English To Japanese - skimming 
[skim] (動) すくい取る; グライダーで滑走する; ざっと見る; 滑るように動く
Korean English To Korean - skimming 
[skim] 동. 액체을 표면을 떠다니는 것을 걷어내다; 표면위를 미끄러지다; 급히 대충 훑어보다; 수면위를 튕기게 하다, 수면위를 스치게 하다
noun: failure to declare income in order to avoid paying taxes on it
noun: the act of removing floating material from the surface of a liquid
noun: reading or glancing through quickly
noun: the act of brushing against while passing.


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