Definition of skimming Pronunciation
1. The act of brushing against while passing.
2. Failure to declare income in order to avoid paying taxes on it.
3. The act of removing floating material from the surface of a liquid.
4. Reading or glancing through quickly.
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English - English - skimming Pronunciation
[skim] v. remove matter floating on the surface of a liquid; glide on or just above a surface; glance through quickly; cause an object to skip across the surface of a liquid
English - Spanish - skimming Pronunciation
[skim] v. pasar rozando, rasar; descremar, desnatar; examinar rápidamente, examinar ligeramente; bruzar
English - French - skimming Pronunciation
n. fraude fiscale
English - German - skimming Pronunciation
[skim] v. abrahmen; hingleiten über; abschöpfen; überfliegen
English - Italian - skimming Pronunciation
s. scrematura
English - Portuguese - skimming Pronunciation
[skim] v. espumar, escumar; desnatar (leite); planar; espiar; deslizar; tirar da superfície
English - Russian - skimming Pronunciation
с. снятие пены, снимание сливок с молока
English - Turkish - skimming Pronunciation
i. kaymağını alma
English - Dutch - skimming Pronunciation
[skim] ww. (heen)glijden, scheren; vluchtig inkijken
English - Greek - skimming Pronunciation
ουσ. αποβουτύρωση
English - Chinese - skimming Pronunciation
[skim] (动) 撇去...表面的浮物; 从...中取得精华; 撇去, 去除; 提取; 擦过, 浏览
English - Chinese - skimming Pronunciation
[skim] (動) 撇去...表面的浮物; 從...中取得精華; 撇去, 去除; 提取; 擦過, 瀏覽
English - Japanese - skimming Pronunciation
[skim] (動) すくい取る; グライダーで滑走する; ざっと見る; 滑るように動く
English - Korean - skimming Pronunciation
[skim] 동. 액체을 표면을 떠다니는 것을 걷어내다; 표면위를 미끄러지다; 급히 대충 훑어보다; 수면위를 튕기게 하다, 수면위를 스치게 하다

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