Definition of slender Pronunciation
1. Moving and bending with ease.
2. Being of delicate or slender build.
She was slender as a willow shoot is slender"- Frank Norri.
A slim girl with straight blonde hair.
Watched her slight figure cross the street.
3. Small in quantity.
Slender wages.
A slim chance of winning.
A small surplus.
4. Having little width in proportion to the length or height.
A slender pole.
5. Very narrow.
A thin line across the page.
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English - English - slender Pronunciation
adj. long and thin; slim; meager, scant
English - Spanish - slender Pronunciation
adj. delgado, alto y delgado, de poco cuerpo, esbelto, espigado, estilizado
English - French - slender Pronunciation
adj. mince, svelte, sec, émacié; fin; clairsemé, détesté, réduit; délicat
English - German - slender Pronunciation
adj. schlank, dünn; schmächtig; gering; schwach; dürftig
English - Italian - slender Pronunciation
agg. sottile; snello, esile; scarso, esiguo, piccolo, poco; tenue, fragile, inconsistente
English - Portuguese - slender Pronunciation
adj. delgado, fino, magro; estreito; escasso
English - Russian - slender Pronunciation
прил. тонкий, стройный, грациозный, слабый, небольшой, субтильный, худенький
English - Turkish - slender Pronunciation
s. ince, ince belli, narin, ufak tefek, yetersiz, az, sınırlı
English - Dutch - slender Pronunciation
bn. slank, tenger; schaars, karig, zwak
English - Greek - slender Pronunciation
επίθ. λεπτός, ισχνός, αδύνατος, λιγοστός, καλλίγραμος
English - Chinese - slender Pronunciation
(形) 修长的, 苗条的; 细长的; 纤细的; 微薄的
English - Chinese - slender Pronunciation
(形) 修長的, 苗條的; 細長的; 纖細的; 微薄的
English - Japanese - slender Pronunciation
(形) ほっそりした; 細長い; わずかな; 薄い
English - Korean - slender Pronunciation
형. 호리호리한, 날씬한; 모자라는,

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