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English English - Definition of sluggard 
n. lazy person, idle person, one who tends to be inactive
adj. lazy, idle, inactive, slothful
Spanish English To Spanish - sluggard 
s. haragán, holgazán, perezoso
adj. Peresozamente, con flojera; ociosamente
French English To French - sluggard 
n. fainéant, personne paresseuse
adj. paresseux, indolent, fainéant; inactif
German English To German - sluggard 
n. Faulpelz
adj. faul, träge, langsam
Italian English To Italian - sluggard 
s. fannullone, poltrone
agg. pigrone, indolente
Portuguese English To Portuguese - sluggard 
s. preguiçoso, vadio
adj. preguiçoso, frouxo
Russian English To Russian - sluggard 
с. лежебока, бездельник, лентяй
Turkish English To Turkish - sluggard 
s. tembel, miskin, uykucu
Albanian English To Albanian - sluggard 
n. dembel, përtac
Dutch English To Dutch - sluggard 
zn. luilak
bn. luiaard, luilak
Greek English To Greek - sluggard 
ουσ. τεμπέλης
επίθ. οκνηρός
ChineseS English To ChineseS - sluggard 
(名) 偷懒者, 游手好闲的人, 懒鬼
ChineseT English To ChineseT - sluggard 
(名) 偷懶者, 遊手好閒的人, 懶鬼
Japanese English To Japanese - sluggard 
(形) 怠惰な
(名) 怠け者
Korean English To Korean - sluggard 
명. 게으름뱅이
형. 게으른
noun: an idle slothful person


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